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  1. Both stores, along with another similar have been flagged and reported and DMCAd but are still there!
  2. SL need to sort this issue out, I have no idea why it would take over a year to sort out but i can only assume they don't give a damn as they are still making money from us regardless. Sadly, if they sorted out the MP they would make more money as sales would go up
  3. honestly, it' outrageous....they make money from what we sell online but never correct any errors and at the same time this affects our sales...I would vote for compensation
  4. It's been reported by many but is still an issue over a year later and my takings from the MP have been hugely reduced....what is the answer or should there be compensation for merchants?
  5. I 'fixed' 3 of my errant listings and then three more showed up that I cannot edit at all I spent four hours going through each of my listings and deleting items that were in my'related items' section, though only showing up when you edit it...but still there's the 3 new borked ones that i cannot touch!
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