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  1. 10 seconds seems a bit far fetched to me aswell... 1 second to copy the shape, skin, and any basic clothing yes... because it's not copying it it's cloning it, using your rendered appearance and displaying it back to everyone. Hair, Mesh, sculpted prims... no way, not in 10 seconds, if they can even do Mesh yet.
  2. At first I was sceptical about FB buying Rift.. tho they do have a track record like google of buying companies and leaving them alone to do their thing, just dumping money into it for progress. Having Valve's cheif engineer for virtual reality jump ship over to Occulus after FB bought them, that turned my head.. as Valve's prototypes for VR headsets were considered the most advanced and provided the best experience of anyone's so far
  3. With some of the bugs introduced with fitted mesh code, it's no surprise some people won't upgrade. I downgraded to pre-fitted, and so did everyone else I know due to the male av rendering problem.
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