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  1. No, but if you download the original SL UV Head map layout, you'll find a pair of inverted lash paths in the top right corner, approximately 8x24 map squares in shape. It's demarked by a thick black line with small lines feathered out from it.
  2. It is true. Pre pipeline, aka, raw, images are kept in .png/.tga format. They are converted into jpg-2k, now, before being sent to the viewer. Before the pipeline upgrade for ogl encoding they were shipped in png/tga. The server compresses the multiple images when installed on an object into jpg-2k, which is the first jpg encoding to actually enable alpha.
  3. One of two options. One, make separate mesh clothing work the way it always has, with the addition of an image fetch for the print. I could see that causing hems and seams in the wrong spot. Two, png encryption actually being read, like it already is on every other object. As far as I know there are two types of png encryption. Color slide and alpha layer. An alpha layer encryption has a print, a typographical layer, a shiny layer, then an alpha layer, all in the same file.
  4. I'm confused. I was "quoted" but my statement, "BOM isn't going to be the only option until it's third party." wasn't. Nothing is the "only option" until it's released into the wild webs and everyone uses it. Second confusion: Creators are marketers? Some of us aren't rich and famous, even enough to fix known problems with our stuff, (like bellies that go cubist because of bad maths. Seriously, I think a small paid vacation could help with that.) Third confusion: Creators are supposed to find all their own bugs, even on demo and freebies? Maybe follow the creator's (s') bug reporting issue instead of crying over a haypenny or quincent on the shop page? Fourth confusion: Is clothing for mesh bodies sold as only models?
  5. I'm confused as to why people think new tools make people stop making new things. The only thing with OLD mesh bodies is you won't be able to use OLD skins and clothing, unless they were forced onto the OLD, SYSTEM DEFAULT uv mapping. Even with the new arm and leg channels, the system default mapping isn't the end all, be all.
  6. Not going to be "the only option" any time soon. Bom has to be third party released, first.
  7. Unfortunately, you forgot to tell that to linden labs, back in the 90s, when they decided "material" would be used as a physics property in their engine. This includes, glass, rubber, stone, flesh, cloth, and yes, water. Feel free to look at the singular: material sl wiki page. This is not implemented in B.O.M. while, as a suggestion to add to B.O.M. keeps it on topic, it is only being considered.
  8. Except there are actually two things wrong with your statement. Material, SINGULAR, is for the physics control. Yes that would let us have bouncy hair and clothing without extra "bones." Materials, PLURAL, can be done in the channels, giving clothing ridges at the seams and specular spikes. There's a reason you switch to "alpha blending" mode for worn items.
  9. Nope. They define the physics of an object. Yes, I'll admit i was wrong from my phone, without access to http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Material . Enjoy your ignorance. Ok, so I missed a word. The PRIMARY purpose is to USE the skin and clothing ATTACHMENT POINTS. This page calls them "Channels."
  10. There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what terms belong where. Yes, B.O.M. or, Bakes On Mesh, is a nifty tool. The PRIMARY PURPOSE is for people with Mesh bodies to use OLD CLOTHING AND SKINS. That stuff you have floating around in your inventory that may or may not have cost you actual money. Skins are a set of 3-4 textures, if you include the hair. Clothing is also 1-4 textures, if you're just using the regular old stuff. Textures are detailed images giving an area a look, such as clothing, tattoos and cosmetics. Materials are also known as *Faces, or *Zones. They define where the above textures mete up with. Yes, it would be nice if the uploader was fixed so that creators could label and forget in their tool of choice, (lower_body, upper_body, etc.) and have the B.O.M. auto assign the default basic beta version textures to the right zones*. Yes, it would be extremely wonderful if there were some sort of Data Core that could be placed on an animesh to allow B.O.M. to work on single layer animesh items. But as someone noted, the heads haven't been replaced or even really taken a vacation to get fresh eyes on the problem. They're doing great work, don't need to harsh their groove.
  11. Right. You don't apply a uv. You apply a texture and the UV aligns and orientates the texture. Please read slower. Which is it? Materials, which become "faces" inside Secondlife, affect access to uv mapping or lips have to be carefully painted?
  12. Materials affect layout and positioning. UV affects texture orientation and alignment. You can use the same uv on multiple materials, but they won't show up unless they're set to. Simple example: Cosmetic masks and face skin masks use the uv that includes hair, teeth, and tongue. Yet, applying a mascara or lipstick uv doesn't change the face, except in earlier designs that had the slider values. Even then, they didn't affect the teeth or the back of the head, even though some maps "paint" those areas. This was before layers were available.
  13. Not entirely accurate, but close enough. Things that aren't changed, won't change. If you have a model that hasn't been updated since 2002, like a prim rabbit, it will work how it did in 2003. BOM won't even be visible to end users, unless the models are unlocked. The applier tools that were available in 2001 will be available for all makers. You'll just apply custom maps to the correct skin zones, unless the object isn't linked to BOM.
  14. That is the reason the default avatar has one toe and no separate toe nail objects. For us creators to produce a completely onion free avatar, it either has to the ultra simple, like a rag doll rabbit (Boid's nest) or mechanical. Anything with separate toe nails will need the nails alpha layered out. Anything with separate toes will need to be layered, even for socks. Ha ha hilarious. See Cathy's post: Tldr version: Unique User IDs are unique to each user. They should not be accessible when they aren't in the current user's inventory. My skins and tartans that are not in the default library, should, not be visible in a HUD, without the transfer of that texture, into the HUD or inventory of the EU. The only way his transfer HUD should work is if he drops a copy or transfer texture into it.
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