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  1. Hi everyone! Total noob here!!! I am trying to make a recipe board, which shows people different recipes (textures) depending on their choice in the menu. Now of cause there are more recipes released all the time, so I need to be able to add "unlimited" textures. That also means that I need to be able to change the main text (describing the buttons) on each page. The way my script is set up now, I run out of characters when adding new recipe names. The best way I learn is by having comments added to changes made in the script. At this point I am still figuring out how things work together and learning operators. So if I could ask questions after reviewing changes, that would be very helpful as well. https://pastebin.com/FPCeaZxg So if you are interested in helping a total noob, I would really appreciate it. I can pay a little
  2. Hi ;) I am on a quest for someone who will script a lesson tool for me. I am going to use it for teaching about breedable KittyCatS! 1. I need to be able to put at least 36 textures per lesson. 2. It would be awesome if I could pop in a settings nc that allows me to set a text (displayed in chat) corresponding with each texture when the user chooses a lesson. 3. I need the the menu to be structured like this: Main Menu: - Lessons (brings you into a sub menu): - - Lesson 1 (up to *9-12) (brings up the sub menu with the different textures). - - - Texture 1 - - - Texture 2 - - - Texture 3 - - Lesson 2 - - - Texture 1 - - - Texture 2 - - - Texture 3 - - Lesson 3 - - - Texture 1 - - - Texture 2 - - - Texture 3 - - ... - Lessons NC's (brings up a sub menu with choices of the *9-12 different lessons from above and hands out the loaded NC) - - Lesson NC 1 - - Lesson NC 2 - - Lesson NC 3 - - ... - Groups (brings up a sub menu with loaded groups *9-12) - - Group 1 (sends a group join link to the chat) - - Group 2 - - Group 3 - - ... - Landmark (opens a sub menu with the loaded landmarks) - - LM 1 (hands out the loaded LM) - - LM 2 - - LM 3 - - ... - Support (opens a sub menu with available personal *9-12) - - Name 1 (sends a profile link of the loaded person to the chat) -- Name 2 - - Name 3 - Web (opens a sub menu with available web pages *9-12) - - Web 1 (sends a link of the loaded website to the chat) - - Web 2 - - Web 3 - - ... - Gift (hands out a loaded gift) * Depending on how much room there is on the menu... The Main Menu button should be available from every sub menu. Some sub menu's also need << and >>. I will need the script/s full perm for future updates ;) and of cause it should be as low lag as possible as it is for breedables markets ;) Please contact me inworld if you are interested in scripting this. If we can come to an agreement I can offer you more scripting projects in the future ;)
  3. Hello, I am on a quest for some changes to my very nice LSL Library script. I am going to use it for a lesson tool which people can touch and pick each lesson by choice of menu. I need 2 changes made: 1. I need to be able to put 36 textures/lessons rather then 24. 2. It would be awesome if I could pop in a settings nc that allows me to set a text (displayd in chat) corresponding with each texture when the user chooses a lesson. Feel free to contact me inworld for payment. I don't mind the cost as long as it is reasonable ;) list MENU1 = []; list MENU2 = []; integer listener; integer MENU_CHANNEL = -10000; Dialog(key id, list menu) { llListenRemove(listener); listener = llListen(MENU_CHANNEL, "", NULL_KEY, ""); llDialog(id, "SELECT A LESSON BELOW: ", menu, MENU_CHANNEL); } default { on_rez(integer num) { llResetScript(); } touch_start(integer total_number) { integer i = 0; MENU1 = []; MENU2 = []; integer c = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_TEXTURE); if (c <= 12) { for (; i < c; ++i) MENU1 += llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, i); } else { for (; i < 11; ++i) MENU1 += llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, i); if(c > 22) c = 22; for (; i < c; ++i) MENU2 += llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, i); MENU1 += ">>"; MENU2 += "<<"; } Dialog(llDetectedKey(0), MENU1); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (channel == MENU_CHANNEL) { llListenRemove(listener); if (message == ">>") { Dialog(id, MENU2); } else if (message == "<<") { Dialog(id, MENU1); } else { llSetTexture(message,3); } } } }
  4. is this correct or don't I need the state entry? default { state_entry() { llSetText((string)llGetObjectName() + "\n" + (string)llGetObjectDesc(), <1,1,1>,1); } touch_start(integer num) { if(llDetectedKey(0)==llGetOwner()) { llSetText((string)llGetObjectName() + "\n" + (string)llGetObjectDesc(), <1,1,1>,1); } } }
  5. Hi everyone. I have this wonderful script which shows the name and description of an object in a hovertext. The only thing that really annoys me, is that I have to manually reset the script every time I make a change.... can someone please tell me how I can make it auto reset... or at least show me a menu with a reset option: default { state_entry() { llSetText((string)llGetObjectName() + "\n" + (string)llGetObjectDesc(), <1,1,1>,1); } }
  6. So I have a friend who appears on my friendlist. However, when I pull her profile to give her permissions to edit my objects, it shows that we are not friends. I have tried to send her several friend requests both inworld and online, which she all has accepted, unfortunately without any results. Since she doesn't show as my friend, I don't have the option to give her editing rights. She on the other hand has been able to give me editing rights? Bug or not?
  7. Hello there! I need an Egyptian themed build for my 1/4 sim. It needs to have copy and mod rights and is not meant for sale. You'll find a crude example of what we need here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malhaven/194/123/3002/ The build should contain: 1. A big store to display all the KittyCatS! with a center courtyard. The store needs to have the option to be opened up on two sides (north and east) since we might move to the ground at a later time. 2. An auction area with nine panels + special panel A and B 3. A fishing area for neo realms fishing 4. A classroom that fits 20 avatars + a teacher 5. Low prim shelves (preferably mesh) for the kitties to be displayed in all their sizes. As mentioned above everything should be made in an Egyptian theme. Please contact me inworld with a price and/or if you need more information. Sincerely Ziyal Ochs
  8. Thank you for your response... I'll sure post in the other forums. I am new to SL forums anyhow... never used it before
  9. Hello there. We are a small breedables market for KittyCatS! and we are in need of some mesh shelves (including shadow maps) for all the sizes of KittyCatS! If you are interested in this job, please contact Emilia Darkwatch in world. She will provide you with specifics.
  10. I want to invite my visitors to a certain role in the group with my bot... I have the tool to do it I just don't know how to find a role key? :heart:
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