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  1. It seems the key is logging in, not actually posting. That was my error. RL things came up and was away from the SL/FB one and it got zapped. It was only for fun as all of SL is, but still a loss, had some cute things in there and people seemed to like it. Sad to see many of the social platforms fail over the years since most were just that, social sites that allowed contact. Without my RL Facebook account I would lose contact with many I don't otherwise interact with on a normal day.
  2. It seems I will be doing the same. I see no sense in promoting something that doesn't want me. Issue is, since i can't log in, I may be in virtual limbo, destined to live through eternity, haha
  3. Seems then, it was just my time as target in the shooting gallery. I think my error was not logging in. Thanks for the info. I probably won't create a page from my RL Facebook account simply because I would get so much grief for owning a virtual strip club, ROFL
  4. it wasn't a report, it was simply a lack of use of the SL/FB account. If you don't log into FB and read their ads, even if you don't post (had lunch with Bill and Tom at Wendys) they suspect you. You should read the list of things they would like to ID who you are. LL is not much different. I had an alt that the account was put on hold until I submitted real name, DOB, past addresses, any other alts connected, etc. On my RL facebook account they are constantly asking, was this you, when I use my cell phone or laptop instead of the main computer. I tend to think Skell is correct that its all about the money. If they can't actively track you, they can't sell your virtual body to advertisers. Maybe LL should jump on this, have FB/SL accounts and flood them with premium membership, MarketPlace ads and such, ROFL.
  5. It seems we may have reached that point, Skell. With all the deception in the news about Facebook, am sure they are coming under fire for accounts such as this. In the end you are perfectly correct, its all about the money that can be generated and Lindens don't spend well at the local 7-11. LL is not without its issues in past years, such as the moving of all adult business (whatever that might be) to a separate island and then the gaming fiasco a few year ago. As a RL resident of one of the Evil 8 states, my avatar isn't even allowed on a gaming sim. I am sounding a bit like "remember the good ole days".
  6. It's a discussion and anyone that has an avatar profile on Facebook is going to sooner or later run headlong into this. Even Second Life has a Facebook page, I am assuming they pay for a business account, but still, with over 300,000 likes on their page a tremendous amount are avatar based Facebook accounts
  7. Years ago, I started a Facebook account for my avatar. I found a LOT of people did that. The Second Life Facebook page has over 300k likes, so we are not a small part of Facebook. As Second Life is our "second life" many of us don't really want to mix our first life Facebook account. For years everything went along smooth until about November of this year. I kept getting notices "we haven't seen you in a while" and the usual list of friend requests, etc. So in I log, hmm wait, you haven't logged in for a while, in order to resume you need 3 friends to post a 4 digit code, please pick from these photos. So I knew at least 3 personally since I have been on Second Life coming on 10yrs, contacted them and 2 got the codes, 1 got a note that she was not a trusted friend. I hadn't established any such list. So off I go winding through the maze of facebook help. Finally I find a send us this or that, and get a semi live person. Send them proof of who I am, back and forth, even a photo of my avatar pointing at the "like us on Facebook" sign at the club. Sorry, Navy1 seems to need a Utility bill, Polling card (yeah right!) or social welfare card. (Here I might insert the obvious joke I looked on MarketPlace and could find none of these). I am kind of at a loss. My Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Strippers-nite-club-and-mall-431936040171338/ has a modest following over the years and I'd like to continue but it seems Facebook doesn't want us. If any of you have any suggestions besides the "quit Facebook" comments, let me know
  8. Thank Chic, just very much like an actor/actress I would assume, immersing oneself in whatever character assigned. Although I can not get my mind around having several with little regard for others, I guess there can be, each having their own personality, not much different that a person with MPD (or DID). But unlike an actor/actress that can chat off set and say wow, my character is a real B*** today, they keep in character as logged on. Callum, thank you for the insight. Impressionism, such as used in journalism, sometimes called gonzo journalism is an interesting concept when applied to Second Life and human interactions within. BilliJo, the club is not for SL strippers. It was set up years ago when a partner and I wanted to spice up our SL life a bit and sought out a club that allowed stripper RP for a night (think armature night in a real club). We were nicely, not so nicely, rudely and sometimes ejected from every club in SL, so I decided maybe there is a need. I built the club with that idea, still have the club, partner has long since moved on. Its not a place to make tips, we don't have employees, it is set up kinda dark and dingy, like a real strip club only missing the guy with a cigar stub at the door checking IDs. I have 2 alts which are the two guys making cute comments downstairs (which used to be dummies until so many started talking and trying to friend them). The mesh bouncer is scripted to make rude comments, much like a real club, the two German cleaning girls have camped there for years for unknown reasons, and 5-6 others are part of some group that approached me several years ago wanting to set up some phone/tablet text chat network, some staying logged in 24hrs a day, i suspect on a phone. The club is not meant to be busy. The club is for couples or people that want to have occasional fun doing what you do full time. An occasional escort uses the themed rooms and usually leaves the club a nice tip. The club normally breaks even, sometimes not. Lots of people role play for good reasons and have fun at it. My query was trying to understand the ones that do not in human form. Thanks for your input. Rhonda, long before the advent of Second Life, people hid behind their online persona in chat rooms. Invented in the 70s, they became the rage in the 80s when I snuck in and would watch the text scroll by, hearing only the sound of a 14400 modem churp on and off to connect by a phone line. They used the anonymity to make sometimes disturbing disrupting comments hoping they wouldn't be sought out and have their asses beat, which would happen if they made such comments in RL.
  9. Since I run a 7yr old club that lets people pretend to be a stripper, I often get this question and haven't got a great answer. I don't do the serious role play in SL, am more of a RL me, enhanced person, so Not including furry, alien creatures or all the other non humans, does most human role play consist of a totally separate created persona and if they have alts, can it be separate from the other alts without regard to feelings in RL. Can a guy have one avatar as the "bad boy" type and another as the loyal partner type? Can a girl create an avatar as the partner, loyal and loving and still have an alt as the stripper in my club and resolve it as role play? Setting aside, non serious actors, I know several people that have alts that come to the club to avoid their partners, one naughty, one not. I am curious as how they resolve the partnered relationship with the "alt gone wild' persona. Do you think they can just go oh, that is not the me in the relationship, its a created persona in role play or is it a connected but "on the sly" license to cheat thing. I see some partnered relationships quite serious, at times evolving into real life ones (if not created that way) and its hard to understand how one of those people can "create" another avatar that roams randomly without thought to the other one without mutual understanding and consent. Seems much easier to understand in non human, since one can log in as Fred the Furry, then log out and back in as the Alien Scourge without much conflict. One has to understand this IS a second life and exaggerations abound, after all, we ALL cant be 21. You can be anything you want, but can one be multiple without concern for the other in human form?
  10. ome-Say ays-day I-way am-way ust-jay azy-lay and-way eel-fay o-nay eed-nay o-tay anslate-tray into-way English-way om-fray y-may ative-nay ongue-tay
  11. I am inworld. Many things not working. I suspect if you are on an estate, you are stuck. I am on Zindra, and, CRAP! Firestorm just crashed so anything I could have done is now moot since I can not relog back. As I left I could walk or fly around Zindra except to those places that did not recover from the reset. No TP, so flying or walking was it. Now I'm on the outside with the windows blacked out, haha.
  12. Well if you are inworld, its pretty lonely around here. I can walk and fly to other sims, but no TP and no notecards, etc, you name it, its borked
  13. The sad thing is, at least in my case, banning a computer or even an IP address only moves these people down the road. The way it was done suggests not a random player looking for a few dollars, but a skilled actor, easily moving money around at various locations. A new alt, moving your laptop to the next person of many sitting at a table and shifting an IP is done during lunch for these people. While we like to think it is some random kid trying to get money, more likely, these are attacks planned and setup to evade LL's systems and target the holes. With Second Life's transaction totals in the hundreds of millions of US dollars, it is likely to attract a few more bad actors than Winston on his mom's computer.
  14. Many thanks to the abuse department for dealing with all this. Am sure it is a thankless job and fills their day with one scam after another. In my case, they actually were able to not only recover the money that was passed thru my club, but stop it from being forwarded and cashed into real dollars, which after all, is the main reason someone would gather information and take over another's SL account. This one was very tricky since the hacker was easy to find, but in passing the money thru a tip jar that split percentages, the initial solution was to recover the money from the tip jar owner (me) and assume I could recover my money from the dancer involved. I was told my quick work in finding that all involved were 0 day people alerted them to the scam went deeper and were able to follow the money a few levels below and recover it before it was cashed out. The tip jar (or anything that spits money donated) still remains a avenue for abuse and it takes a very dedicated SL abuse person to put forth the extra effort. I was lucky to be assigned such a person. In talking with other club owners, my situation was minor compared to some of the stories of the same event resulting in hundreds of real life dollars lost. The key is quick reporting and detection. Had the hacked account not been aware and reported quickly, the money would have flowed along and cashed out to a quickly dissolved real world account. As a warning to all, BEWARE clicking a link in chat from an unknown person, and even from a friend, chat with them a bit to verify they are the person you know. IF you do click a link, NEVER LOG IN after it at the linked site. NOTHING OFFERED is ever worth it. If by some weak moment you do, IMMEDIATELY go to your dashboard at secondlife.com and change your password. IF done quickly, your chances that your account will be taken over are reduced greatly. Thanks to all that listened to my, at times, aggravated rant.
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