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  1. Well should you reconcider and build a mall, let me know
  2. I have had exactly the same thoughts. Would love for shopping to return to designers mainstores - big shopping events are ok but there's a lot of the same brands everywhere at the quality events, plus - i think it would be better for designers to have the creative power and not have to cater to the ideas of event planners constantly. Personally I quit my business because the event craze killed my creativity - plus the fact - it was almost impossible to get access to the big events like Fameshed, Über and C88. Those events are ok for a handfull of designers (some not even original mesh i notice) - but in the end it's the consumers who loose out on finding smaller and less known brands. I would love to see some high quality malls (modern mesh builds anno 2019 style) come back, and if I had a chance might even hire a place for a mainstore.
  3. I am a designer who is a bit tired of the event cirquit, and would love to see business brought back to designers mainstores. So I am concidering re-opening an exclusive small in-world boutique for our ORIGINAL mesh corsets - in a high traffic mall. Must be a high fashion mall, with quality mesh builds and good traffic, preferably all original mesh merchants/quality brands. Contact me here with SLurl to your mall by private message please.
  4. I know there are devices that people can monitor your logging on and off from outside SL so they always know when you come online. It's sold under sweet messages like: "know when your loved one is on". Sounds innocent enough right? Well I am sorry - there is absolutely nothing sweet or innocent about this, just a royal pain. Is there a way to cloak yourself from these devices? I find it is bordering on harassment and stalking. It is exactly why people who are harassed feel forced to create alts.
  5. did you ever get this solved? we're having the same probløem, it happens on all viewers and we have clean installed and reinstalled several times now and nothing helps. It can't be the internet because we are 2 people in the house on 2 pcs and the other one works fine.... if you amanged to get this solved I'd appreciate if you could share how you did it
  6. I have exactly the same question and the suggested change of location does not help. Funny because it worked fine until this Sunday. I get in but is frozen, i can cam around but not move - and then I get logged out. *scratches head* If anyone else finds a solution to this I would be very grateful, I can log in on any other viewer but much prefer Firestorm.
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