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  1. A few times earlier last year Ebbe mentioned the possibility of faster credit processing, same day even. Any update on whether that can still happen and when?
  2. Or can I have one Premium account with an Experience Key, set to an estate, set with a group properly, and anyone with the Administrator and Contributor role abilties be able to use the Experience Key in scripts?.
  3. The problem is that everyone is here guessing about what's been the real hold-up with mesh; technical crawls, policy decisions, other work on other dependency systems and so on. If you're optimistic, you're guessing up good reasons mesh isn't out now and maybe not out in 3 more months and advising "be patient". That's fine and all, but we're dealing with a company that has a lot on its plate so it isn't exactly pessimism to wonder where mesh is on the totem pole given the unusual length of this open beta and the lack of any publicized progress. In short, Linden Lab has to drop the whole "when its ready' deal. Cliche in the realm of software and especially MMOs; but usually to customers you don't yet have, not the ones who're already paying and trying to think strategically with the resources they have invested in Second Life. How many people are out there thinking about a new sim build, but doesn't want to waste time doing it in regular prims and sculpties 'less mesh is 'ready' two weeks from now? How many people have simply been demotivated to continue sculpty sorcery for their stores knowing all the trickery is pointless given mesh when it comes? It's like the Lab wants the best of both worlds: everyone to be excited about mesh, beta it and begin plans for it, yet they don't want the responsibility of publicizing any timeline with it and be honest when its probably coming out. Yes Rod said they'd talk time tables before this month is out, maybe, and we'll see about that. Anyway, it'd be nice if the Lab at least made a Q# prediction of when. Sure, Saying not until the latter end of this year if not January would completely deflate interest in the beta and mesh period, but at least it'd get people off rocking on their heels so that they can go back to creating for Second Life with mesh completely out of mind for now if it should be.
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