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  1. Someone commented here that this hip-hop look originated in prison. This is partly true. This way of wearing pants has nothing to do with hip-hop, though it did originate within the prison community. It is sexual signaling, and I am sure you folks can figure out the rest. The irony is the majority of the young black men who wear their pants in this manner have absolutely no clue what it actually means. If they did know, I doubt it would be regarded as something dope.
  2. So many laughable comments on this thread! If a demo is provided (and there ought to be), then there is no issue. The demo matters, not some in-store poster.
  3. There is at least one store that I know of that is offering an amazing tux that is on the order of what Mr. Oh is searching for. It has interchangeable peices, and it's not static. It is quite elegant, very distinguished. That's a start, I would think. Ah, had to come back an edit as I forgot to mention the store's name...hahaha: Muism.
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