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  1. I have exactly the same problem. I optimistically changed my password last week but no updated Aditi inventory has been forthcoming. All creating stops and I'll just be playing games instead
  2. just mute the object. Maybe it's some dumb 'grief' object or other but they all mute easy
  3. there was a known glitch a little while ago, you could delete them one by one but not as a group. I thought they'd fixed this but maybe not?
  4. Seria melhor se voce podia escrever in ingles porque isso e a linguagem usada aqui principalmente
  5. and isn't this one of the biggest issues with mesh. You have to be the shape the mesh is built for
  6. look in folder "lost and found" there you will see this object
  7. yep the whole thing is odd. Confusing naming doesn't help. They call it 'land impact' which implies a certain thing but there is of course no such thing as 'land' in the first place. Scripters are quite at home with this sort of confusion but most people are baffled by it. What you need to do is conduct experiments, observe the results and thus conclude the best course of action. The other complication of course is they keep moving the goalposts. Conduct the same experiment in 6 or even 3 months and you get a different result. The biggest help I can give is - don't make the mistake of uploading your meshes at too low a quality in the hope of saving lindens and LI. They will be so poor as to be unusable when you get them on the live grid. Consider using partial meshes. Get hold of the premium gifts they've been giving and deconstruct them, you can learn a lot that way
  8. your sky setting only changes what YOU see. Other people will see different. You might send people a message when they come to your parcel to say 'please change your sky setting to (what it is)'. Also you might use a big dome (half sphere) as a false sky, maybe scripted to move like a real sky.
  9. at the risk of stating the obvious - have you tried reducing to low graphics on your preferences? Maybe make sure lighting and shadows is switched off because that seems to be the troublemaker lately.
  10. is anything highlighted in red anywhere? On the individual item listing page? Maybe you missed off a required piece of info or broke some ruling. You'll probably have to scroll up to check the page.
  11. this is because the payment goes up in tiers (tiers = stages, wadges, lumps, ranges, slots) namely 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 and so on, If you own land of 2560 you will be charged in the 4096 tier. You are charged at the tier you hold land in, not for the amount you actually hold.
  12. this is just Aditi being its normal self. I struggled to log in for a few days but then suddenly the problem vanished. Aditi is like the crazed evil twin of Agni
  13. At the risk of rattling your cage further ... I disagree. I've been in SL quite a while and it's ten shades better than it was when I started. I fondly remember arriving from a TP with no hair and one shoe stuck up my posterior. Ah the cut and thrust of not knowing whether the grid would be up or down and those times when it was down and we all had to go and do housework instead. How clearly I recall the scary realisation that there were in excess of 15,000 avatars logged in and the certainty that the grid would be crashing at least 6 times that evening as a result. SL improves continually but it's necessary to keep up in terms of skills and hardware. Funnily enough I did once meet a Linden by sheer chance when I was wandering around a premium build, he was very pleasant, we had a nice polite chat and then he gave me a present (in true SL fashion, don't we always exchange gifts with each other), it made my day and the present is one of my greatest treasures. If you dislike SL so much why not play something else?
  14. A similar thing has happened to me with a parcel I was renting, the landlord has vanished, happily I hadn't paid rent in advance (because I didn't trust him). Oddly the parcel is still there and my build is still on it but I'm treating it as gone and have removed anything no-copy. SL landlords are a dubious bunch by and large. I'd say you're best to rent from an established landlord and not to pay very far in advance, not only because they vanish but because some problem might come up with the land and you don't want to stay there any more, bad neighbours for example.
  15. If you abandon a mainland parcel it then becomes for sale for zero lindens to you only. I know this because I recently abandoned a mainland parcel intending to buy another but somebody beat me to it, so I went back to my original parcel and re-bought it (for zero lindens). I assume this is a safety measure put there to save people like me from their own behaviour but I don't know how long it is reserved for you, I re-bought mine within minutes
  16. try unchecking 'lighting and shadows' in graphics preferences, it worked for me
  17. I've downloaded the latest SL viewer and I've had a battle getting it to run smoothly, currently it's set between mid and high graphics. I've never been able to run top spec ie ultra with the shadows. I'm assuming this two year old quad PC is to blame because my net connection runs at 20 meg and I have my eye on an 8 core PC and while checking the recommended spec to run SL it occurred to me that it would be highly useful to know the exact spec of the (presumably posh and expensive) PCs they use at Linden Lab. If we could know how often they upgrade their kit and what the peripherals are that would be good too :) addendum ... yes I'm well over the minimum spec but it's clearly not enough. Most people can only run SL at a reduced level which prompts me to think only the Lindens have the ideal kit. I might just crank up to a ridiculously powerful system and see how it goes :D
  18. you need to learn to script. This prim clicking thing of yours is a fairly simple task requiring a basic knowledge of building and a mere few lines of script
  19. This happened to me a while ago and it was kind of spooky until I realised what was happening. I was set to autoplay media and I had a video set as land media - so - the video was playing on an endless loop on the land and when I switched on a music stream I had that plus the sound from the looping video
  20. The latest viewer version seems fraught in this respect. Maybe your PC automatically updated your viewer and that's why this is suddenly happening. I have a two year old quad core PC and I have to run on graphics set between mid and high where previously I was set on high
  21. The crucial record is the transaction ID, which you must quote to the seller in the notecard. Things can and do go wrong with SL transactions and it's possible this seller has been offline over the holidays so didn't receive your notecards. This has only happened to me once and the seller sent me another straight away. It's the same as buying in RL really, stick to reputable sellers and be aware that when money changes hands over the internet you're wide open to every kind of scam in the metaverse. I'm very sorry you had this experience and if it doesn't get resolved maybe you can put it down as a 4 dollar donation to charity?
  22. Aditi never works satisfactorily, it always manages to play up in various interesting ways, even more than the live grid does. There are plentiful sandboxes on there, just look at world map while you're in and you'll see "sandbox goguin" and so on but lately I haven't been able to rez items in any other than the pathtest sandbox and very few items in my invent will rez at all. It's not worth fiddling about trying to resolve issues you have in Aditi because it'll all change at some random point
  23. Like most issues in SL you need to apply logic here. Assume it's something on your av, replace the whole av with one of the library ones and see if that cures it. If not, assume it's something in the location so log into a different place and see if that cures it. If not, assume it's your software so uninstall SL, delete both caches, see if that cures it. If not, assume it's your system so log in on somebody else's PC and preferrably in another house, see if that cures it. You get my drift I'm sure. Detective work is what's called for. Good luck
  24. This seems to be one of the interesting new issues with SL. Several times I've found that if the viewer crashes the next load goes into infinite VFS initialisation. I don't mess about if this situation crops up, uninstall SL then delete both caches and download the viewer afresh. It just means you have to set your settings again but after the first 6 or 7 times this becomes routine. This was never easy software
  25. I think binkies are baby's dummies in America. The Ivory Tower is the best place to learn building at your own pace but you might need to get a bit of advice here and there from an experienced builder so attending a few classes is good if only to network
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