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  1. I wanted to upload some textures I made to see if they will work on one of my avatars, but when I log onto Aditi (the beta test server), only my older avatars show up. Is there a way I can update Aditi so that I have all of my current items and avatars? I really want to make sure these textures work before using them on the main server. EDIT: I changed my password and my inventory is updated. However, the mesh avatar I want to test textures on just will not show up at all. I have other mesh avatars that work (a little-- pieces are always missing here and there), but this one is completely invisible. What's going on? Also, are there any sandboxes available on Aditi where I don't have to be a premium member? I just can't afford going premium but I really want to make sure my avatar looks good. EDIT 2: SLURLs will help me the most, since I'm not very good at navigating maps.
  2. Is there a way I can use and edit the textures that are already on an object? For example: I have purchased an anthro avatar and I would like to edit the skin and the prim textures (such as the head textures), but I do not want to make the textures entirely from scratch. Just make a few small changes to further make my avatar unique while still keeping a similar look to the original. The purchased avatar in question didn't come with extra texture files, but it is completely Mod. I'm not sure if there is an "ok" way to take/change textures like that, since I did hear that there are illegal methods. But I'm a rule follower and just wanted to know if there's a legal way I can do it.
  3. I did a little exploring with some of my friends on SL earlier today, only to find that once I log back on, my local chat window keeps getting spammed with: "[21:10] Iona Gaidhlig: Dialog timeout; cancelled... [21:10] Iona Gaidhlig: Dialog timeout; cancelled... [21:10] Iona Gaidhlig: Dialog timeout; cancelled... [21:10] Iona Gaidhlig: Dialog timeout; cancelled... [21:10] Iona Gaidhlig: Dialog timeout; cancelled... [21:11] Iona Gaidhlig: Dialog timeout; cancelled..." in green text. It does not stop no matter what area I move to and I have no idea how to fix it. It keeps going on even when I switch between avatars and outfits as well. I can't go to the places I want with this spam, so I'm pretty much at a loss for what to do. I don't know who Iona Gaidhlig is, either... but I'm making a guess in that it might have to do with some... "equipment" I was playing around with while my friends and I were exploring, for amusement's sake. But I could be wrong. EDIT: I removed each item one by one (I didn't see anything suspicious) and tried wearing a library avatar, logging out and back in, but I am still getting the spam. EDIT 2: FIXED. I clicked the small "i" icon beside the name Iona Gaidhlig in the chat box and blocked whatever it was. This worked! Thank you very much for the help. Tested it with a friend, and they no longer see it too.
  4. I know how to upload textures, at least I think I do, but this is my first time and I have a bit of a concern. The texture I want to upload looks like: this However, when I click the preview options, it looks like: this Is this normal for it to look different in the preview? Or is there something I'm missing/need to fix before I click the Upload button? EDIT: I tried logging into the Beta Server (Aditi) but it took me to another area. Apparently it is down? The template I am trying to use is one of a few skin textures that I wanted to use for my avatar. It was provided in a box set, among other editable textures, from an avatar I had bought. I had simply changed the colors. The default textures for that avatar, which look exactly the same except a different color, work fine. This is why I'm wondering if I am coloring the textures wrong somehow. I'm still a bit confused-- even if I were able to use Aditi, I still am not sure how to fix the problem. Also, I'm using the default SL viewer. How do I save with alpha channels? This may actually be the issue, since my textures show up in grayscale instead of the color I wanted.. Sorry for such noobish questions. EDIT 2: Thanks very much for that section about alpha layers and the tutorial, but when I followed all of the steps for Photoshop Elements, the skin still has the same miscoloration in the preview. I'm not sure what else to try at this point. I'm almost tempted to upload the texture anyway and hope that the preview is just wrong. But I really don't want to waste the $L... EDIT 3: ISSUE FIXED! Actually, it didn't even need any fixing. I used the Beta server to see if the textures I had would show up properly when put on my avatar, and they do! It's just the Preview function that was innacurate. Thanks all who put their two cents in to try to help me out.
  5. I never had this issue until just recently. When I try to bring up my profile to edit it, the window is entirely gray... the same goes for when I try to view other people's profiles and when I try to use Search. My friend is also having the same issue at the moment, though it could just be coincidence. Is anyone else having this problem, and if not how can I fix it?
  6. I got a freebie skin from the marketplace the other day, and it worked absolutely fine at first-- but after switching saved outfits then changing back to the outfit with the new skin, the skin from the previous outfit shows on the head while the rest of the body is fine. I tried switching back and forth between outfits and it's only that one outfit that does not work, and I also tried rebaking the textures several times with no success.
  7. I have the exact same problem! Even with the update Error though, I am still able to get on SL afterwards. Sorry my post isn't of any help to you, I'm just seconding the issue. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
  8. I downloaded the latest update the other day and hadn't logged onto SL until today. When I logged on I found that I have this issue where large spheres will flicker off an on around my avatar whenever any part of it moves. It seems like they have to do with the prims on my avatar since when they flicker, I notice they're the same color as its prims. This never happened before; I tried clearing my cache but it didn't help. Any advice? Edit 1: Checked for shiny objects and there are none on my person. Attempted the directions on the JIRA page, but didn't see what I was supposed to if I had a problem with the bump map. Everything else seems to work fine except for the issue with my own avatar. Edit 2: The issue was fixed by unchecking the VBO option. Thanks for the help!
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