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  1. Tuesday, I sent you a PM with some SLURLs. I totally agree with you, regarding the difficulty of finding good black skins, but they really are out there...you just have to dig around for them. Hair's actually a bit easier, and I hope the locations I gave you are useful. Please feel free to IM me in-world if you like, I probably have some other SLURLs in my inventory I'd just forgotten...


  2. Fantastic advice, Sasy. There are so many ways a single item can be worn...and if you really want to get adventurous, you can try attaching pieces to a different location just to mix things up!

    One caveat, regarding system items made for men: some designers paint a "bulge" in the groin, or a Situation six-pack on the shirt, which may not preclude women from wearing menswear but certainly requires a little creative accessorizing. If you've got pants with a textured "bulge", throw on a belt or a longer shirt; if you've got a shirt with "muscles", grab a jacket.

    Thanks for writing this!

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