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  1. And another thing: Seems like the overview isn't showing the true latest Poster: http://i54.tinypic.com/2qunjah.jpg'>
  2. And I really really really miss the "last post" overview thingy on the Dashboard, hope something like that will return.
  3. Is it just me, or..... Looks like I need to sign in everytime I visit Forum/Blog/etc.
  4. What I understood from Soft's his latest JIRA post (about the Alt avatar lists). Is that they are going to look at it per case (so the avatars who did the scan and revealed Alt's who are not really alt's and ain't given consent to be revealed) *sighs* What I don't understand is why that device is still on the grids o.0
  5. And we're back ! I also miss the avatars, and I miss the thingy on the mainpage showing the latest replies
  6. Yes I find that sound quite evil, most of the time I have my sounds of so it doesnt bother me. If I hear one person walking by with that sound its not a problem, but in busy or laggy sims that sound can be pretty annoying.
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