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  1. Thank you! I have never had to use that since Market Place.
  2. I am a merchant inworld. I recently had a customer post a bad review. My concern is, the buyer never contacted me for assistance. The issue he commented on, is an issue that I have never experienced, nor have I recieved any issues from any other customer that has purchased that item. The online posting of the item clearly states to download the .pdf instructions. I have read in several places to "comment" on the review, but I cannot find how to do that, other than "flag for review", which didn't seem to allow me to explain that the buyer did not even contact me first. Can anyone explain to me on how to comment on the review? Any assistance is appreciated. Riv~
  3. Hi Seven, What viewer & version are you using? This information helps when determining what features could be used to help solve your issue. Also, some general inventory search techniques: The majority of the time I find that TOO MUCH info was put in the search bar, and your item got filtered out. As a last resort, you could clear your inventory cache, and relog. That should force another download.
  4. Greetings Caelea, I would imagine it is a 'no-copy' item. One thing you may try, is getting in contact with the region owner, or an estate manager. They have to power to search things different ways. Also, I have had this same issue with no-copy items, and I am an estate manager, but couldn't find the item. I let it go for a couple of days, then emptied my inventory cache, and relogged.. and low and behold, it was back.
  5. I am trying to create a SLURL. It works fine, but will not pull in an external picture. I have tried several hosting sites, and the links I am trying, open the picture just fine. But when the SLURL is created, it does not pull in the external picture, only the default SL picture. Any suggestions? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Riv..
  6. Agreed. Few pictures immediately capture my attention to make me transcend into the scene. Bravo!
  7. I had the same issue. This was a few versions back, on LL & TPVs. A CLEAN install fixed it. I later discovered a rogue program, that when loaded caused it, but unloading the program did not resolve the issue. I had to do a clean install of the viewer. Riv..
  8. Greetings Nish, I've had a few experiences with what I think is similar. One method that worked.. was the avatar was able to log on, but not to the region where her avi was. She logged onto a different one, then traveled to the one that her ghost was stuck on.. it immediatly poofed when she arrived, and all was fine. Another incident was a buddy crashed while riding a horse, and was not able to log on at all. Fortunately, I am an estate manager for that region, and was able to 'eject' him. (I found his avatar and horse frozen). A third similar incident, I could not find the ghost, but restarted the sim, and it cleared it. So I don't know if it was a sim problem or not. Perhaps you can get in touch with an estate manager of that region. Good luck! Riv..
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