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  1. Sorry, I thought it was implicit in posting to this thread. Those flexi-skirts I'm referring to require applier layers beneath them to cover all that bare flesh. Now they're all worthless because the old appliers are obsolete and many of the makers are out of business or not issuing upgrades. Belleza should have made certain old appliers work on their upgraded mesh bodies.
  2. Of course, try a demo before you buy. The issue is thousands of lindens worth of perfectly fine clothes for which one has already tried demos before purchasing now being instantly obsoleted. Fitmesh is wonderful but there are dozens of old flexi-skirt designs that are still better than anything coming out in fitmesh.
  3. Several years into mesh, why do most designers still not eliminate the void under skirts? There's a perfectly clear tutorial on how to do this at https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/See-Through-Gaps-in-Mesh-Clothing-Easy-Fix/m-p/2400645#M25076. I am not a designer or creator. I'm a consumer who's thoroughly fed up. I do have a sense of taste, and if I can't stand to look at my own avatar when I'm sitting down in a mesh dress, then I imagine others also find it off-putting. If any creators of women's clothing who see this post have eliminated this problem, please send me an IM. Or if there's an easy fix I can carry out by playing with alphas (which I've never done). I'm tired of wasting time collecting demos of ravishing outfits and finding the same old void. And increasingly there's nothing else out there. Thank you.
  4. Being one of the silent ones who just goes about my business, I have to say I regard announcements like this with the feeling that things are going further down the tubes. I'm here to interact with people. A city street scene bustling with non-interactive zombies might be thrilling the first time or two and then worse than an empty sim because a constant reminder of how empty in general all SL now is. No doubt the unpopular ballrooms will be populated 24/7 by elegant couples, the stages of the strip clubs with the most enticing but brain-dead dancers, and the art galleries by wraiths bobbing their heads at the walls. How about a special membership level for those who just want to watch the show without being able to interact...an invisible voyeur avie capable of tping sim to sim but unable to interact, pose, IM, or otherwise engage more than the camera...totally engrossed in the visual feast arrayed before them. Kind of like a colorized silent film. I'm with many of the others. Give us a viewer that works and some sense of the strategic, not just a host of new features, some of them trivial or laughable, others potentially catastrophic. And by the way, despite my "new resident" tag, I've been here in this avie 4 1/2 years so I have some sense of what goes on.
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