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  1. Sometimes clearing your cache witll help missing items appear. Try that then logout and reboot your computer. Come back and let inventory completely load and see if item is there. If not: Write a notecard explaining the situation. Then go to your account history and copy the transaction, and paste it on the notecard. Title the notecard Missing Item- Your name. Pass notecard to the merchant. Good luck!
  2. You need a new skin. There is a free new player avatar that you can get at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dark%20Oasis/207/109/23/?title=Body%20Doubles it is on the 2nd floor in the discount room and includes a free skin, hair, clothes and other things Several of the skin groups have free skin for group members...Belleza, Filthy, AlVulo and Glam do currently not sure about others - it is not really free to start out as you have to pay to join the groups. But you will get a free skin now and then others later as gifts are sent out Apple May (AMD) often has skins out ranging from 25L to 75L these are limited offers but worth looking for
  3. I think Laqroki, Exile, Truth, Zero all have one or more free hair styles - You might be able to find them in search, but since search is very broken if you cant, im me in world and I will pass you the landmarks.
  4. You will need to resolve this with the merchant directly-if you fail to get satisfaction you can post a bad review but LL does not engage in mediation or problem resolution
  5. here is how I manage mine: 1. I only keep things I will actually wear. Many things I get from hunts are fine but not my style or color...so even if it is nice I delete anything that I don't love. I also delete all calling cards...never have been sure of their purpose. I hate gestures...I deleted all of those too. Scripts and textures, I only keep the few I will use. Notecards can quickly get out of control make sure your delete any unneeded ones daily. Getting rid of any items you really wont wear, need or use is HUGE. If it is bad, ugly, doesn't fit right, old,or just not for you trash it! 2. Transferable items...if I have anything that is transferable, older, and it is not a favorite item I give out to nooblets or to a friend who resales. I have too many newer things I love why hold onto the old I only have so many hours to wear the good stuff. 3. I box up holiday items like Christmas/Easter outfits/decorations anything that will only be worn/used for a specific time period. I box up any furniture and landscaping items I do not need for my current home 4. With the new "Add" feature I have deleted all items for multiple attachments...like the belt you have that can attach to spine then another of the same that will attach to stomach, pelvis etc. I now just keep one. Also make sure you don't have duplicate items in outfit folders...use the new links instead to organize looks 5. If a dress or other item came in 4 colors I just keep my favorite...why would I want to wear same dress over and over just in different color...I have too many other choices! 6. I organize categories with sub folders: Clothes= Dresses, Lingerie, Outerwear-like Jackets, Pants,Skirts, Shoes: Then within those have sub folders like Dresses = Mini, Maxie, Evening, Summer Only, Winter Only, for shoes I have Heels, Flats, Boots, Short Boots. I do same for any large category like Hair= updo, tails, long etc 7. Landmarks I put on notecards: Hair Lms, Jewelry, Shoes etc They are easy to keep updated 8. Have a inventory cleaning day or days with a friend. It is boring to do a major clean up so get a friend who needs to do the same come and chat with you while you both work Hope that some of this might work for you --- happy inventory cleaning!
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