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  1. How do I make money in the game?? I read somewhere something about getting a job, but it didnt say how to get a job.....so how do i find a job to make money??
  2. How do I create my own clothes with textures, colors and designs on them like i see all over the freebie stores?
  3. I am using the Dolphin 2 viwer to play the game.... How do I debug my avatar in this viewer to get my avitar to fully load correctly?? Sometimes I'm just a floating white orb.
  4. How do I remove old hair from my avatar when i buy new hair style???? I recvently got a free hairstyle,,,but my old one is still under the new one...it looks funny so how do i remove the old hair so only my new hair is there?
  5. How do I change the viewer used to play the game?? I am using second life viewer 2, but from what I understand there is another viewer.... Also how do I get the area I am in to load completely and not be all grey??
  6. I'm new and I want to change my avatar's hair color from brown to blonde. How do I do this? Also how do I edit the rest of her to look the way I want her to look??
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