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  1. WOW Klytyna!!!! I ask a simple question and for help and you have to be sarcastic? Not ALL of us can afford a brand new computer and stuck with a antique. Quote"I've seen plewnty of 2006 clothes and sahoes and hair, my retinas still bleed on occasions." plenty....shoes..... so see? none of us are perfect.
  2. My computer is old BUT on Singularity everything loads *slowly* my problem is those darn bento heads. They never load and it's hilarious to see two eye sockets and big set of teeth with the word punch on the heads. I hears Singularity supposedly has a add on or viewer or something you can download to help with that a Bento viewer or add on? I can't seem to find it anywhere on their site and in the search "Bento" comes up nothing in search. I HATE mesh I HATE Bento and liked things as they were in 2005. YES I know I need a new computer donations taken hahaha
  3. Thank you I am using the cool viewer. Will try that
  4. I have tried everything and I mean everything to try to rez, took everything off ..cleared caches...flew as high up in the air as possible hoping I rez. NOTHING WORKS!!!! any and all help or suggestions is appreciated
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