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  1. That's a good question, but some systems do seem to find away around the mute facility. What I was hoping, was to find a way to block it completely. But damn if I'm going to get myself "pregnant" just to find out how it works!! lol Ceera's suggestion would be ideal, but haven't seen anything which spoofs the system as a way of blocking it. I have found it spams on chat channel 2, so maybe I'll script something to log it's messages and see if I can't work something out myself. In the mean time, I'll just carry a large pair of scissors with me. That and the promise that if someone does get me
  2. Ok, well it looks like people have no more of an idea on how to block the system than I do. Yes, I am aware that pregnancy in SL is make-believe (hence my use of quotes etc), but that doesn't stop some system such as Onduty from spamming you etc, in much the same way that the bloodlines vampire system does (or did). It is easy to reiterate the "just say no" mantra, but that's not particularly useful "advice" and certainly doesn't answer my question. Perhaps when someone does discover how to block the system, they'd care to post the details here.
  3. Umm, yeah thanks. I kinda worked that out for myself. My question was how to avoid pregnancy in the first place. I have been told by several people that the Onduty system can get me pregnant anyway. One said their HUD showed that I could be impregnated by it, despite not wearing any Onduty or Xcite "bits" or whatever system it works with. I have no interest in "carrying it to term" or playing ball with their system, but neither do I wish to be spammed for the next nine days with messages telling me how my "pregnancy" is going. So, my question remains, how do you block the system in the first
  4. Sorry if this topic has been raised before or this is the wrong thread (tried searching but nothing), but how does this OnDuty "pregnancy" thing work? I've heard so many people in SL talk about it as if it was real (!!) "My BF's got me preggo again and I had to go to the abortion clinic!!!". I mean come on, please... So how do you avoid a bun in the oven with this system? I'm definitly not about to pay them L$150 for a contraceptive pill etc. So does it work like the bloodline vampire thing where you can register to permamently remove yourself from their database or do you
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