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  1. I would rather see Premium members accommodated with the housing before offering it to non-Premium members, especially since they sold out in 2 days.
  2. I have filed a handful of abuse reports and have not received any confirmation they were read. Every day, my ex partner in SL puts something pornographic or grossly belittling in his profile about me. He refers to me in very vulgar terms, and even uses my real name initials. He has now threatened me with blackmail - given me 24 hours to "never speak his name to anyone and remove him from my profile" or he will contact my RL. I don't have his name or pictures in my profile. He continues to email me outside of SL because google doesn't block names. I don't talk to him or respond to anything he has written (he is muted). I just wish I could get acknowledgement that Linden Labs recognizes these numerous complaints I have filed on him.
  3. I have a homestead sim that gets this same message almost daily, especially after I have terraformed or re-drawn parcels. Found that using mesh buildings and landscape items also affects this. At that point, I am unable to drag anything from my inventory onto the ground and have to restart the sim. Recently my sim was moved from SL server to RC Magnum in hopes of resolving lag, this particular problem, and constant script errors. The problem still exists and is compounded by even more script errors. It is not a problem that I alone experience - anyone on the sim has the same issue. Am running a sim health monitor that shows the sims FPS and dialation dropping way below norm, verified I'm not using any terrain textures bigger than 512x512, have a low number of scripts running. There is never more than 5 people on my sim at a time. Would like to know if there is a solution other than constantly restarting the sim as the sim owners, while extremely friendly and service oriented, are not technically savy enough to suggest where to take this problem.
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