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  1. I've been refreshing the page where the old homes come up. Twice today it came up with a houseboat and a house but i have had nothing in a bit now. One region at a time is gonna take a while for us all to get these homes I think.
  2. Literally 5 mins ago a house boat and a house came up and I missed them
  3. I usually cash out my lindens every 6-8 weeks and it usually takes no longer than a week to process. I cashed out this time on 16th January and 9 days on it is still 'processing' and i'm wondering what the delay is? Any ideas?
  4. I'm having the same issue. Cashed out on 16th Jan and its now 25th and says its still processing. I've never known it take so long as this. Usually its been in my Paypal within 7 days
  5. Hello :) I build skyboxes but the one thing that still eludes me is linking a scripted door to my build. Ive tried buying scripts, getting pre scripted doors and even tried a script that is supposed to link phantom doors...as soon as i try and link a door to the root prim of an already linked skybox it doesnt give me an option to link them, if i try linking it to the skybox as is it links but then doesnt work...please can someone give me some advice, ive tried googling YouTube tutorials and am at the pulling my hair out stage lol...Thank You :)
  6. Early tonight i saw in local chat that someone had spent 189L on 4 of my items in my store. I received no payment. Checked my orders and it said all items were unpaid and undelivered yet i saw them being delivered and she then declined joining my group so i know shes had them!..I cant find a way to get help on Marketplace in this situtaion... Can anyone help?
  7. ok...so i've re downloaded the 1.235 viewer but now it seems i cant cut and paste to even try to put my emotes in local chat lol...is there anything in preferences i can do to correct this? Appreciate any help :-)
  8. Thank you :-) Which is the best version i can download to avoid this bug cutting down chat?
  9. Hi, Ive spent hours trying to solve why local chat is limiting everything i say.  I work as a dancer in SL and if i cut and paste an emote it wont let me write anything more that 35 words at a time, even if typed directly in local chat.  My viewer was working fine until today. Ive searched through preferences and advanced menus, downloaded the viewer again from scratch and still nothing helps!   PLEASE HELP if anyone has ideas how i can fix this. Thank you
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