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  1. Good day! I wonder if it is normal, make requests for documents with photo, number of rg and proof of address, cpf, and fill out a form W8? This is something safe? I'm not compromising my account with rackers? Thank you for your attention. Rosanie
  2. I suffered estorcão and was stolen by an avatar few years ago, but I do not remember the day that it estorquiu me my lindens. But I know his name . How do I know the exact date so I can report it? It is possible I have my lindens back? Thank you
  3. I sold 12500L , (2,500+ 10000) and ordered the credit to my paypal account, but nothing has been transferred. It's been 5 working days and nothing. What should I do ? Thank you Rosanie
  4. Please help me, I've sold 2500 L on my account and would like to receive at my current bank account by paypal and not get credit in US dollars with 9.43 How do I get in bank deposit by paypal? Thank you Rosanie
  5. Olá sempre que eu tento vender os meus lindens diz que o valor ultrapassa o meu limite diário que é zero 0,00. Não tenho conta premium, o que eu devo fazer para conseguir vender os meus lindens? Rosanie
  6. Gostaria de saber se é possivel reverter meus lindens em dinheiro? E se for possivel, como faço isso? Obrigada, Rosanie
  7. lPlease, As I turn my lindens for real? I would like to know more information about this process Thank you Rosanie
  8. Hello, yesterday 03/05/2012 day, had a balance of 8390 L, now I'm with - 1. They stole my lindens, please ask for help. Rosanie Boa noite, ontem dia 03/05/2012 estava com 8.390 L, hoje 04/05/2012, estou com -1. Me roubaram?Por favor me ajudem. Rosanie
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