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  1. So send everything via the merchant outbox inworld, then login to the old market, delete the magic boxes there and inworld and voila? I can make stuff today? O_o
  2. Thank you Dakota! :heart: But, i'd have to redo all of the 300+ listing information...ya? I watched Torley's tutorials on how to replace the magic box listings and replace with direct... That's the process i'm following, and he mentioned you can only do 100 unassociated items at once? Ermahgerd... lol I'm still waiting for the folders in my merchant outbox to finish being created
  3. No problemo, love. Hey, if you're inworld, let's chat! We can err... politely 'la fway' about the new system! Cherry Tokyo
  4. Oh, and I forgot to mention, even deleting individually, you can tell the marketplace is lagged. I'd say it's about 5-10 seconds to delete each one lol :smileylol: God help me........... I'm going to go through a whole pack of smokes today lmao
  5. Yeah, I'm getting the same thing... So far all I have deduced is to just click on the actions for each individual unassociated inv item labled 'Magic Box' under the Delivery category and delete them one by one. Not so much fun when you have 300+ listings... Ever so slightly irritating, but I imagine everyone who is on the marketplace that is still using magic boxes who got the email you and I got are also trying to do the same thing. Coffee and patience for me today <_< :heart: Cherry
  6. Just the answer I needed ... 2012 /comes/ with a Collada exporter. <3
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