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  1. yea, i might have to use another viewer just to post stuff.is there something like the "xstreetxl magic box" that we used to have years ago, for sending stuff to the marketplace now?
  2. its not a download. its 4 sets of numbers that you change where your dns server setup is located
  3. i wish i knew, i just switch dns servers when there is a problem. there are many free ones out there, goolge offers some as well. plus there is info on how to change your dns server
  4. the DNS server your using is being wonky. you can google " free dns servers" and it should give you info on how to change your dns server. or you can wait till it fixes its self.
  5. i am trying to upload an item to sell on the marketplace, but i keep getting a 503 error. i am using singularity viewer. what do i do to fix this thanks, Luckystrike Maven
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