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  1. so if i delete my account from sl and/or tilia will they still try to charge after i get my money out of L$
  2. I just want my money out of second life. I went to Opensim and its great! I don't need some off the wall company to steal my identity. It is definitely not worth that kind of threat for 60 bucks. I transfer bank to bank in RL all the time and no one asks me for my ssn. There has to be another way as i see from reading it here, there are too many ppl not willing to have their identity stolen. no wonder SL is declining. Many designers are leaving because of these policies. So we cant have any LL forever if we hand out ssn over to this company , whoever they are, or they will charge us fees until
  3. its a cute picture but you'rs right Fin, it isn't from SL
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