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  1. ooh more shiny (My Inventory > Library > Clothing > Intital Outfits)...thank you @ninjafoo Ng thats a cool community idea =)
  2. ooh shiny =) i call dibs for display name 'Last of the 1.0-ers and greatest rezzor in-world' ...oh, 31char limit.
  3. Although I know diddly-squat about mesh (at the moment) /me shivers with anticipation, about: Another change, that many of you will notice right away for this beta test, is that we have changed the maximum size of a prim, for both normal prims and mesh prims. The maximum for each dimension is up from 10m to 64m. Our hope is that this change will also be available on the main grid as well once Mesh Import ships. But, we need to assess how these larger prims perform during the beta period to ensure that they will integrate seamlessly into the main grid environment. God bless this mesh!
  4. Based on calulations referenced from http://secondlife.com/statistics/economy-data.php for October 7 2010 (file LD_sources_and_sinks): L$108,331,300 was paid to Premium Residents (PRs) for September stipends (108331300 / 300 per week stipend = 361,104 / 4 weeks = 90,276 PRs for September. L$27,067,250 was paid (so far) for October (27067250 / 300 per week stipend = 90,224 PRs MTD October...hmm 52 PR's haven't renewed. So based on an average of 90,250 PRs * US$72 per year for premium status = US$6,498,000 (approx.) generated from PRs subscriptions (not including land use fees), which althoug
  5. Although it's a generic corporate decision to provide higher level of support to higher level paying customers, personally I think it's a shame that the Community (in particular Basic Residents) will not receive =/> customer support. Also with https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/?lang=en, just an idea, how about RSS-ing the grid status within this page? This may reduce the number of tickets relating to an issue and also save customer frustration when you're trying to submit a case and the system is all-ruthed-up. With the release of viewer 2.x please consider providing self-help s
  6. I'm all for in-world improvements and additions but why not just unlock the Jive SBS software as an alternative for Avatars United (AU)? I'm unsure of the amount of resources required (operations and document control) to maintain the Jive system but the Community could use the blog, document, poll, profile, project and space functionality. I realise the AU coin refund(s) is yet to be determined but what is the general exchange rate from AU to L$ (1:1)?
  7. I realise mesh is in beta but will there be restrictions to upload size and what is Linden Lab doing to protect intellectual property of mesh importing (e.g. a Resident rips meshs from external resources, imports and resells)?
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