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  1. Ok so I click on the item in my mp store, it pops away from it, because Secondlife marketplace doesn't have this item in my inventory. I guess I will have to put in a ticket. I am not the only one with this problem, a few more of us old timers, from back when systems clothing was hot, are having this issue too.. Soo
  2. Back when I first started designing, you had to have a marketplace box to put your creations in. Well that went away, and then you had to to marketplace to put new items. That changed to marketplace listings. But my problem is I can seem to delete two items that are no longer on my marketplace items list, nor is it on secondlife marketplace listings either, however they are on my mp store. How to I get rid of an item, 1 I no longer have, 2 that was put into a marketplace box ages ago??
  3. All of a sudden this afternoon my marketplace page was in german. How to fix this is to look in the top left hand corner of your mp page under languages and select the correct language.
  4. I purchased 4 items on marketplace from 4 different vendors. I never received these items and now the vendors are saying they didnt get paid, however my account says the lindens were taken out of my account. Plus I saw them come off my account. The vendors will be contacting marketplace also. You need someone that people can contact with big problems like this, and if you do have something like that, it needs to be in the open, because I couldnt find jack about help or problems on marketplace. Thanks Danika Braveheart
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