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  1. We have participated the past two years. Seeing your names again ... has it been a year already!!??
  2. Great ideas, guys. But may I suggest another helpful feature: Write your blogs in plain, civilian-understandable language. Some of us regular workin' folks get a bit lost in the middle-management jargon. Thanks. :-)
  3. I couldn't agree more Om. I've see way too much wishful thinking and self-delusion -- "It's supposed to work, so it will." But anyone without clouded vision can see there isn't much going on. It won't work. It can't work. (This doesn't make me very popular in the SLED world. ) The main problem is that the school people are trying to find ways to make a new technology fit their old education paradigms. That notion has to be turned around: Find how the new techology is transforming the education paradigms ... and start from there.
  4. We are simply witnessing the future of education: Perpulit accommodant, superantur
  5. One of the hallmarks of 21st century schools and non-profits must be flexibility. We can't just pack up and quit when things don't go as they have for the past three centuries. We have operated a hybrid Web-and-SL school on the mainland for nearly three years now. We can adjust the size and complexity of the main campus, the number and location of remote facilities, and generally accomodate any changes in current needs and budget. Go to the mainland. You will have all the control you ever need.
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