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  1. Using the LL land search feature in game is complex and broken. LL needs to fix it so it actually works properly for how its being used. Example: "500 L/week, 230 prims" Price 1$L How about, ya know, you make a rental tab and actually let us sort for # of prims, L$ per week, land size, etc. I know, it's hard listening to your users.
  2. Ever tried to search for land rentals? Most the time the price is listed at 1$ but then the actual cost is listed in the name. How about you guys actually, you know, make it so weekly rental costs are shown and while you're at it, why don't you throw in a $L/prim ratio so we can sort by that and get the best deals -- that will encourage competition too. Come on. Help us out with some more user-friendly tools. This system has been out long enough and using it to find land to rent is just a pain. Don't believe me, look at it yourself.
  3. While you're at it, think you could add more available positions within each group too? Currently each group can only have like, what, 10 different titles.. or is it 9+owner? Either way, totally insufficent, forcing people to have multiple groups for the same group - just for titles. Otherwise good changes.
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