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  1. I did thank Bianca:).. and i want that plant lol
  2. Finally..the end of the sneezing fairy saga.... today I got home from work to find a Linden in my home..LOL... shortly after she sent me an email that the fairies where allergic to the mushrooms and thus the sneezing..she moved them further away ... I laughed SO hard!!!
  3. OMG.. NOOOOOO I just logged back in..and the sneezing is back ..Bloody fae !!!!
  4. I'm just glad I don't have to hear it LOL :D.. maybe the lindens .moved the tree? LOL ..who knows.. I'm just glad i can sort out inventory without continual sneezing LOL... over 79K items in inventory and most of it wont work with my new Mesh self.. so I'm busily sorting what's appropriate to send to my daughter, deleting what I'll never use again and organizing my new mesh self..nearly a full time job LOL.. anywho.. THANK YOU!!!
  5. That IS odd!! My home landing point still works.. o.0.. just teleported home a few times from various places to check.. and it still lands me in my living room , I hadn't looked outside..?
  6. I've been off and on all morning..and thus far..not a single sneeze!.. I do believe the exterminators MUST have come by although I never got a reply to my work order *chuckle*...now i find myself listening and bracing for them ..hoping this passes in time and I can just look back on this and laugh remembering how freaking annoying they were once upon a time *knock on wood*..Thank you one and all for helping me discover then banish the little buggers!
  7. LOL yes it does..and I must admit..now that I know what it is...and the kids have started their call backs at every sneeze it IS somewhat entertaining..although still very annoying LOL.. something tells me that for years to come all three of my minions will be making comments about fairy's every time they hear someone sneeze LOL
  8. I slapped it on a prim and put it as close to the tree as I could on the outside of my house LOL...
  9. LOL LOVE the sign!..and they ARE contagious.. my middle child sneezed this morning and my youngest called across the house.."Bless you and be GONE evil fairy" ... LOLOLOL...
  10. I'll do anything at this point.. my 9 year old daughter is now sneezing back at them o.0
  11. support ticket submitted.. OYE..if anyone ever wants to hear annoying sneezing fairys.. enhydros 195,99,29 just stand a spell.. you'll hear them..then wish you hadn't LOL.. these little buggers are relentless!
  12. ok..I THINK between my eldest son and I we found the offending sneezer... a tiny white fairy, placed by Linden Labs.. however... once blocked the littele bugger reproduced..now there are three of them in the tree near my home..blocked those..and realised there are MORE of the buggers in ALL the trees..they are EVERYWHERE... we've blocked like 10 of them..and still hearing sneezes.anyone else encounter sneezing fairy's? the beacons DO blink on them at the same time as the sneezes..or at least they seem to.. but its hard to tell because SO much blinks for just the split second the sneezes occur.. then boom nothing..Its REAL annoying..anyone else experience this with these little fairys ) they come in several colors..all labled..LDPW_Elderglen_Fairy v1.9.6 final - w/ bounding box I've now blocked over 20 fairy's.. still sneezing..and still blinking on them any hope of making the bloody things STOP sneezing other then spending every single moment hunting fairys..or could it be something else and thus why we still hear them?? ***EDITED TO ADD>>> In desperation I blocked sounds and its STILL going on..WTH... I've got music, and sounds off.. the ONLY thing on is ambient..so ..is it part of the actual sim???
  13. still no luck finding the offending sneeze.. it seems to be equally loud no matter how far from home or close to home I am.. and it does the same from my daughters avi.. and my husbands so its nothing I'm wearing or specifically on me.. it seems to be just everywhere LOL..... hubby is now joking that since its a fantasy sim it's sneezy the dwarf hiding somewhere ..oye.. really annoying but I guess I'll just have to live with it.. or move elsewhere .. which sucks because other then the sneeze..we're pretty happy with the home LOL
  14. I've been off SL for about 8 years (since my youngest kid was born) and WOW things have changed!!! ..in any case I started a new premium membership and got my new land in Enhydros. There is no one anywhere near me.. I've checked..and double checked... I've logged in from myself..my alt.. and my RL husbands account..on 3 different viewers...and three different machines... and there is a VERY annoying sneeze sound that pops up about every 2 minutes ...I've tried changing all my sliders around for sound and can not for the life of me figure out where its coming from LOL..its REALLY loud too..I can hear it over any music or media playing..any clue where it's coming from ..or better yet..how to stop it!... I've got anxiety issues as it is and jump every single sneeze
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