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  1. lol little bit of pixiedust and everyone is all smiles! .. i banished so many of the things in elderglen i think these two hunted me down Patch just gave them my new address and a ride in *Giggle*
  2. seems our resident fairy has taken an interest in the lost fairies *grin*
  3. Found fairy number two lol..they must have had a spat they are as far apart as possible LOL... love this one too Just called my hubby again told him there was another one lol he freaked out! Will have to have him see her tonight when he gets home from work
  4. Squeeeeeeeeeeee TWO!!! off to hunt her BFF ..lolol teach me to go out boating all day with JenzZa lol This is seriously one of the biggest giggles I've had in SL or on that dreaded RL grid in a very , very long time
  5. You can try to mute or blacklist.. but that never worked for me lol.. submit a work ticket and let them know the sneezing fairies allergies are acting up.. they will send a linden out to move them they may eventually come back.. mine did lol..
  6. YES!!! Lmbo... who would have thought i would love one someday lolol!!
  7. Visit Elderglen with sounds on...walk about a bit...you'll find them LOL they randomly sneeze and cough..24-7 I used to jump out of my chair and my service dog would alert thinking something was wrong LOL...they are super loud too! this one is just the perfect distance ...cant hear her from in the house lol...everythings so tight over in Elderglen there was no escape lolol
  8. I think it would be awesome to have some sort of haunted house set up at the fairgrounds in Oct maybe a skating rink or something in dec/jan with holiday themed stuff around ..as for my own lil spot I know i'll decorate for halloween and no doubt have some sort of trick or treat freebie out on the porch for folks to get ❤️
  9. it totally made my day..I called my husband at work laughing hysterically... as soon as i said sneezing fairy he said oh nooooooo not again!!! .... to which i replied yeah but this ones cute i wanna keep her ... LOL
  10. .sooooooooooo I came home today and was futzing about and low and behold what is that I hear... but ...a sneeze!! *gasp* I followed the sound and grinned ear to ear!!! As much as I HATED those fairy's in elderglen...something about having one of my own here in Bellisseria is charming. I hope she lingers in that bush as long as I live here!!! Ty for all you do!!! PS: Bianca Linden..ty for removing the dozens of them you did for me in my last home... I truly am thankful... guess i just needed this new place to really appreciate their charm!
  11. I'm pretty sure I can arrange that ❤️ ... the steam boat too..both are So fun! I'll let the owner of both awesome rides know your interested
  12. Look for the perfect new LL home! We've been out and about now by SteamBoat, Submarine, and now by Blimp... watching over the new build area's and keeping an eagle eye out for abandoned plots while hitting that f5 button! If you see us , wave! we're friendly... if you see an abandoned spot set out flares! I so love my new home here , I can hardly wait for her to have one too.
  13. Good news is here even when we are old and senile we look AMAZING lol and can still move around like the youngin's no joint pain here!
  14. you are most welcome Anniepany I'll keep my eyes open for you and if you are ever near Gallaude't dont hesitate to stop by and say hello You will get the perfect spot for you, I've got total faith in that
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