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  1. lol little bit of pixiedust and everyone is all smiles! .. i banished so many of the things in elderglen i think these two hunted me down Patch just gave them my new address and a ride in *Giggle*
  2. seems our resident fairy has taken an interest in the lost fairies *grin*
  3. Found fairy number two lol..they must have had a spat they are as far apart as possible LOL... love this one too Just called my hubby again told him there was another one lol he freaked out! Will have to have him see her tonight when he gets home from work
  4. Squeeeeeeeeeeee TWO!!! off to hunt her BFF ..lolol teach me to go out boating all day with JenzZa lol This is seriously one of the biggest giggles I've had in SL or on that dreaded RL grid in a very , very long time
  5. You can try to mute or blacklist.. but that never worked for me lol.. submit a work ticket and let them know the sneezing fairies allergies are acting up.. they will send a linden out to move them they may eventually come back.. mine did lol..
  6. YES!!! Lmbo... who would have thought i would love one someday lolol!!
  7. Visit Elderglen with sounds on...walk about a bit...you'll find them LOL they randomly sneeze and cough..24-7 I used to jump out of my chair and my service dog would alert thinking something was wrong LOL...they are super loud too! this one is just the perfect distance ...cant hear her from in the house lol...everythings so tight over in Elderglen there was no escape lolol
  8. I think it would be awesome to have some sort of haunted house set up at the fairgrounds in Oct maybe a skating rink or something in dec/jan with holiday themed stuff around ..as for my own lil spot I know i'll decorate for halloween and no doubt have some sort of trick or treat freebie out on the porch for folks to get ❤️
  9. it totally made my day..I called my husband at work laughing hysterically... as soon as i said sneezing fairy he said oh nooooooo not again!!! .... to which i replied yeah but this ones cute i wanna keep her ... LOL
  10. .sooooooooooo I came home today and was futzing about and low and behold what is that I hear... but ...a sneeze!! *gasp* I followed the sound and grinned ear to ear!!! As much as I HATED those fairy's in elderglen...something about having one of my own here in Bellisseria is charming. I hope she lingers in that bush as long as I live here!!! Ty for all you do!!! PS: Bianca Linden..ty for removing the dozens of them you did for me in my last home... I truly am thankful... guess i just needed this new place to really appreciate their charm!
  11. I'm pretty sure I can arrange that ❤️ ... the steam boat too..both are So fun! I'll let the owner of both awesome rides know your interested
  12. Look for the perfect new LL home! We've been out and about now by SteamBoat, Submarine, and now by Blimp... watching over the new build area's and keeping an eagle eye out for abandoned plots while hitting that f5 button! If you see us , wave! we're friendly... if you see an abandoned spot set out flares! I so love my new home here , I can hardly wait for her to have one too.
  13. Good news is here even when we are old and senile we look AMAZING lol and can still move around like the youngin's no joint pain here!
  14. you are most welcome Anniepany I'll keep my eyes open for you and if you are ever near Gallaude't dont hesitate to stop by and say hello You will get the perfect spot for you, I've got total faith in that
  15. Tabbitha you are always welcome to visit in Gallaudet
  16. Oh I did no time for that lifes too short to allow folks to rain on my parade
  17. post restored ❤️ and I love my neighbors even more then I did when i posted it the first time
  18. Beth my deleting it had nothing to do with your response but rather a few rather upset private messages I got..but I will indeed restore it ty for keeping it Fritgern
  19. I posted this..then deleted it...and due to a few that have asked me to restore it am reposting my original post... please I mean this in all kindness.. if you are going to be rude about it , just pass on by ____ I just want to let you know I feel for you...and I don't want you to be discouraged.. your new home will TOTALLY be worth the wait. I too got the "sold out" msg..over and over and over again, I felt discouraged and angry and upset and left the computer more then once ready to give up. I debated going back to my lil tiny elderglen set up just to keep someplace for my alts..and my kids to have somewhere to change clothes. The time between homes felt like forever and I didn't want to spend precious L renting someplace. neither did I want to ask for rez privileges for my rl kiddo's who often used my LL home to change clothes etc. I however lucked out and on an odd twist of fate after getting that sold out msg, hit refresh again on the sold out page itself by accident and boom a tradtional was there.. I had wanted a houseboat, and I almost walked away leaving the traditional for someone really after a house, I clicked through however, and I am SO glad I did, and NOT for the reasons I initially thought I would be. Yes the extra space is AMAZING..the water views and upgraded builds are fantastic..but that's not what makes it all so worth it..its nice, VERY nice and I could not be happier with it ..but in hindsight IT is the frosting on the cake. See I've been in SL over 12 years..I've had a LL home much of that time and it truly was just a place to quickly rez items out and a home point for my kids. I had "my" home at work.. and I still do have a homestead there, a gorgeous place I treasure and enjoy very, very much. Initially I actually felt a bit guilty going for one of the new homes since so many have no place at all That is not the case anymore though and here is why. Here's the game changer, the one I think a lot are really not giving the credit its due. What makes Bellisseria SO awesome and so incredible isn't the homes we get.. and all of you on these threads in this forum have already tasted the cake..its all of us..its the people! its the kindness and interaction that have been woven into the very fabric that is Bellisseria . In all my years in a LL home not once did I even SEE a neighbor , let alone talk to one..its been less then a week, I know my next door neighbor by name..and we said goodnight to each other before i logged off last night. I've met folks from across the continent right here in the forums AND in world... neighbors go sailing by, riding by, driving and flying by. Our fairgrounds WILL be used I have no doubt and even more relationships built My kids have their home point but they will have to juggle around the time I will spend there, and have been spending there since porting in. So while you are clicking that refresh, dealing with the anger, and disappointment . while you are hunting furnishings and decor for a home you do not yet have a region name for let alone a slurl.. I strongly encourage you..get to know us. those with an address and those that don't yet have theirs...because your time IS coming , its there...maybe today..maybe wed..maybe a month from now.. but while you wait you can already eat the cake, you can already enjoy what makes the space so freaking awesome.. the people ..So enjoy the parks, the rez zones, get to know the folks that may someday be up the road or water way from you.. start building and furnishing the home that will be held in your heart while you wait for the one to set a few prims in
  20. I did thank Bianca:).. and i want that plant lol
  21. Finally..the end of the sneezing fairy saga.... today I got home from work to find a Linden in my home..LOL... shortly after she sent me an email that the fairies where allergic to the mushrooms and thus the sneezing..she moved them further away ... I laughed SO hard!!!
  22. OMG.. NOOOOOO I just logged back in..and the sneezing is back ..Bloody fae !!!!
  23. I'm just glad I don't have to hear it LOL :D.. maybe the lindens .moved the tree? LOL ..who knows.. I'm just glad i can sort out inventory without continual sneezing LOL... over 79K items in inventory and most of it wont work with my new Mesh self.. so I'm busily sorting what's appropriate to send to my daughter, deleting what I'll never use again and organizing my new mesh self..nearly a full time job LOL.. anywho.. THANK YOU!!!
  24. That IS odd!! My home landing point still works.. o.0.. just teleported home a few times from various places to check.. and it still lands me in my living room , I hadn't looked outside..?
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