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  1. Just started playing again. Looking to join a Clan. I am a human but am looking to become a vampire again. I am looking for a medium sized Clan/Family. One that isn't strict about achievements or being active. I work a lot so I can only play during the evening time. 6 pm slt. I want to make new friends and such. When it comes to role playing I am not very good at it. So heavy RP isnt my thing. I used to be in a clan that would have family dinners, Balls, formals, and other stuff like that where we would dress up. I thought this was so fun. If there are any Clans/Families like this out there please IM me or send a Notecard. SL Name: Meliah Radek
  2. hi hi!! IM me sometime!! Im looking for family members and friends i want to adopt soon and would love to have family they can visit and spend time with
  3. Hey hey! Im a rocker girl that loves goin to metal, industrial clubs, but i do love all music, hangin out, SHOPPING, hunts, fairs, killing zombies, and anything random. I left SL for a bit due to a busy RL. I try to play at least 3x a week during the evening. Since i was gone for a bit, some of my friends disappeared too. Im also into Bloodlines. Im in a clan now but its not active right now. I'd love to join one thats close knit and fun. If anyone wants to meet up and hangout and get to know each other feel free to IM me.
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