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  1. Im interested in meeting you to see if we are a match you can message me inwordly if your still looking for a family Satieflax321
  2. I am an Adult looking for a family to join my simi engaged fiancee ...any ideas would be great. ty Satieflax321
  3. I too an Adult looking to join a family...Grandparents, aunts , Uncles....Currently have a brother and sister and a simiengaged guy we are going to have a baby soon and whant an extended family first ....any Ideas would be great ty Satieflax321
  4. I too am looking for family to join my simi engaged guy and we currently have an older brother and sister.... will be having a baby of our own as well ... any ideas would be great Satieflax321
  5. Adult, looking for an exteded family, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparnts but don't know were to satart ... Any ideas would be great. Ty Satieflax321
  6. Hi I am looking for garndparents , aunts, uncles, to Join my PG family of 2-4 but don't know were to start any ideas? I am currently simi engaged to a wonderfull man. And we are looking for Family to RP the roles of..... We curently have a Brother who is a gooball and A Sister who is just fun and out going. Looking to have a baby soon as well but wanting to extend the family first ... Any Idease would be great...Thank you Satieflax321
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