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  1. Ahahahahahahahah !! Ahahahahahah !! Ahahahahahahahah !! Ahahahahahah !! Ahahahahahahahah !! Ahahahahahah !! Ahahahahahahahah !! Ahahahahahah !! How many lies !!!! ahahahahaha !!!! SL is soooooo stable !!! LMAO !!!! Much more stable then any country !! what a joke !!!! ahahahahahahah !!!!! Come on !!!!! Wanna a proff that SL has no future ? - Create a Second Life New Account - Login and count how many noobs will raise together with you on the welcome island ! I did this test on the last sunday, on the peek period and winter in USA - the best peek as possible Me and more 3 noobs !!! 3 noobs !!!! When I created my account in 2006, I saw at least 20 noobs on the welcome island !!!!!!!! So, who you wanna convince that this numbers are real !!!!!!!!! Shame ! Shame !!! btw...after 4 years..I will return my whole private sim and Im closing my business. Why ? because currently I cant make money enuf to pay the LL fees ! 1 year ago my profit was up to 5 thousand dollars !!! up to 1.5 millions of L$ !!!!!!!! Everymonth !!!!!!
  2. Hey Rod ! What's up with your mind, dude ! This is a sinking ship ! No matter how bad ass you are...you are very late !! sorry to tell ya !
  3. Ahahaha !!!! Pure Liar !! Come on ! Ask to any merchant or Landlord about how the business are doing ! Wanna see a proof ? Ok..So..LL is now hidden the Current Online Users count at the login screen. Everybody here knows that`s when the number is disapointing, LL will always hide the numbers ! That's a practice of the latest 4 years ! LOL.When the numbers are impressive , LL usually display it with all pride of the word.When the result is a shame, LL hide it.Right ? Ah, and as we can see...Where is the others metrics ?? How many sims added ? LOL So, considering the policy to hide shamed results...I think there is a plenty of metrics that's usually is introduced to us any quarter, right ? Hey Philip, obviouslly you are no longer interested in SL anymore.Wanna hire a new CEO again and set your focus in your other company, no ? Where is your responsability ? You gave to my wife a dream to have a job and get pride on it.She was a very dedicated SL merchant.We changed the firtests diappers of our son when selling our L$ ! Today Im working tooooooooo much to create a web shop to my wife because I can't see her so sad anymore because SL is really sinking.So I need to give a different meaning in his carreer.Sometimes I hate myself to put my wife in this rail.
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