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  1. Oh my gosh, thank you! You also solved a problem with my HUD! I now can rezz object whatever way Im facing! Thnx again:matte-motes-big-grin:
  2. Just to clarify, Novatech was THE leading Trek marketer in Second Life, most all Trek sims use his Transporters, Turbolifts, and emDashes. He also pinoneered the Horizons Hoilodeck system, which was the basis for my Planetary builds. Plz read my first post, I have removed all my Trek inspired builds from SLM and my Casper Vendors, but the question remains, can we still have ships on our sims? Can we roleplay and wear Star Trek uniforms? It will be a great loss to me, and to the Trek community if we cant. We Trekkers made many close friends, had many charitable eve
  3. Well since we are Trekkers in Real life, we tried to emulate Trek in Second Life as awell. We built and paid between 130 to 330 dollars a month to create Trek environments, and also share Trek builds with friends. These would be uniforms, combadges, Transporters, Tricorders, shuttles, as well as Huge starships. We even roleplay missions, I myself having built 20 planets for away missions. As I said I went ahead and removed it all, having been made aware that CBS does not approve of its fans building or replicating Star Trek items, as the creative abilities of
  4. Just a heads up for any people out there who build Star Trek related items. Since CBS/Paramount/Viacom is relasing a new Trek Movie next year, they are actively clamping down on any who build/sell/give away and Trek realted builds or ships. My friend had his account suspended for selling the "Constitution Class Bridge" the "Type 6 Shuttle" and a few others. We all thought as long as we didnt use the name "Star Trek" in the itme we were safe. We were wrong. So now I have removed all Star Trek inspired builds from SL Marketplace, as well as Casper
  5. Thnks for that tip, but it actually is based on a PG TV show, and I gont get why they would consider something like that "Adult" , as many PG shows involves slave races, I wont name names but think about it, theres even major movies with slaves, they get a PG rating. I'll edit my little alien guys speech and try again, thnx UPDATE : Changed the words in the desciption, and it passes asa Mature, but it really is NOT adult esp since I added shorts and a shirt on the female bot there. Thnx again it on Mature now, and actually is probabaly PG
  6. Hi, I am a Second Life merchant who sells a line of "planets". One of them featured a dancing girl who was partly nude if you cammed up her robes. I have FIXED this and given her shorts and a shirt. However the listing still gets constantly rated "Adult" even though I have tried many times to re set it to "Moderate" How can I get a Linden Labs person to review this correction and let me list it as "Moderate"? Here is the planets listing.... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Planet-Talos-IV-boxed/3638697
  7. Im sure its a nice system, but it lacks what I need or requested, which is... 1) Sales log searchable by ITEM 2) a one click, or convenient click REDELIVER Hippovend is miles ahead of SL Marketplace, but thats no excuse for SL Marketplace to neglect this type of system, I will post a picture of the Hippovend system for searching and redelivering, as you'll see it beautiful simple and I know from exp, it works! http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/4679/hippovendsaleslogsearch.png P.S. I dunno if Casper has this type of search and redeliver, but if it doesnt, it SHO
  8. I appreciate the suggestions for sending updates, btw I do have Hippovend and its redelivery system is 100% better than SL Marketplace, really no prob there. Unfortunately its too late to add the "Update script" to every product Ive made. Just so you know how horrible SL Marketplace Transaction history and redelivery is, I took a screenshot of it..... http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/4228/slmarketplaceuselesssea.png
  9. Greetings, I am a builder of large roleply starships, and I often add NEW features to these Starships. I always try and send all past buyers the new version, but theres a problem. To re send items, or re deliver them, is very difficult in SL Marketplace. I have to negatiate a wierd ca;lendar set up, then seach page by page and redeliver them one at a time, sometimes searhes 80+ pages! Why can't SL Marketplace have a feature where when you update an item, you can just click one button and "Redeliver all" to everyone who has ever bought that product, it
  10. I contact this fellow nearly everyday in SL, I'll ask him exactly what he meant. Remember we are talking about the BETA viewer here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Beta_Viewer/2.6.3
  11. Theres a friend I know who insists that its possible to go to "skins" and change Viewer 2 to have the "Classic" interface. He logged onto Viewer 2 to write me a tutorial and lost 1000 inventory items, panicked and logged off....
  12. I undertsand form friends that the new Beta Viewer has the ability to reinstall the OLD GUI of viewer 1 (yay!) and still have the video and advanced capabilties of Viewer 2 as soon MESH. Does anyone have more info on this?
  13. I heard that there's a new viewer coming with MESH ( a new type of better sculpty) as well as a choice to get away from the awful viewer 2 interface and choose the good ole Viewer 1 user interface, does anyone know the facts about this?
  14. UPDATE : The delete button should now appear after every inactive listing. It does for me!
  15. I have tried for hours to delete items form the new Marketpolace, and the answer is YOU CANT! I was able to upload NEW items to the SL Marketplace, however my Inventory is full of OLD unusable stuff that they migrated, and I cannot edit, or delete thos items at all, its really frustrating OFFICIAL REQUEST : Please put in a delete option for old unusable files/listings Picture of what the problem looks like.....
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