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  1. I am looking for a scripter to look over a dialog script. I have had a go at doing this myself but cant seem to see where the problem is. Basically the script is working for the owner & or a second toucher in the same group. But when the second toucher takes off the group tag & touches again the script gives no one the menu system making it non usable. I would like it to be able to let the owner use the dialog & anyone in the group. Obviously not at the same time I will negotiate a one off payment only. If you can help for the right price please contact me either here or in world. Thanks, Renegade Travesty.
  2. Hi all, I have a menu script that I want a group to use but it is set for owner only. I have spent a few hours trying to do this using llSameGroup, llDetectedKey but to no avail. If some one could take a look and advise as to what I need to do. This is a learning curve for me. I can see how the owner side works in the lines I will post but for the life of me can't see how to set for group usage. Regards, Renegade. dialog( integer ctrl ) { goDeaf(); lis = llListen( channel, llKey2Name( owner_id ), owner_id, "" ); llDialog( owner_id, dialog_msg, diaList( ctrl ), channel ); llSetTimerEvent( 20.0 ); } default { timer() { if ( ready ) { goDeaf(); if ( was_waiting ) { was_waiting = FALSE; dialog( FALSE ); } } } state_entry() { owner_id = llGetOwner(); ncl_req = llGetNotecardLine( nc_name, nc_line ); } changed( integer change ) { if ( change & ( CHANGED_INVENTORY | CHANGED_OWNER ) ) { llResetScript(); } } touch_start( integer nd ) { while ( nd ) { if ( llDetectedKey( --nd ) == owner_id ) { if ( ready ) { was_waiting = FALSE; sublist_start = 0; dialog( FALSE ); } else { llSetTimerEvent( 0.1 ); } return; } } }
  3. Thank you all this has cleared a few things up & helping me understand how RLV works. Many thanks Innula. In answer to the objects description field holding the correct formatted coordinates you assumed right. They worked perfectly in the form of Sandbox Island/123/117/26 once again Thank you. Certainly much more too it.
  4. Thanks Rolig. I placed the global coordinates in the objects description hence the llGetObjectDesc() call. Did the llSay for a guest wearer of an object so that teleports them but it also teleports both of us. Seems I'm stuck then with the llOwnerSay() limitation & out of luck.
  5. Hello. I have written a short script to teleport anyone who walks into a door way using the restrained love viewers. It works fine for me but when any one else walks into the prim it won't tp them it just tp's me because of the llOwnerSay(). Could some one explain how to work around this. I have tried a couple of options in the form of llKey2Name. Even llGetOwner inside another prim for another person to wear with a listener in the object. I have been trying to learn to script for about 5 months so am fairly new to it. Regards, Renegade. default { state_entry() { llSetObjectName( "" ); } collision_start( integer num ) { if (llGetObjectDesc()=="Tardis in flight") { // Add extra stuff here. } else if(llGetObjectDesc()==llGetObjectDesc()) { llOwnerSay("@tpto:"+ llGetObjectDesc() + "=force" ); } } }
  6. Hi all Is it possible for an llGetEmail script to check and use each message the prim recieved. That is to say first email message sent is "hello" so llSay(0, message); Next email recieved has a different message "good bye" llSay(0, message); ? Thanks, Renegade
  7. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to post but here goes. I am after a script where I can send an email to an object anywhere in secondlife so that it will rezz an object out but can also derezz the object when asked using a menu system. The uuid of the object as I understand can be stored on a note card and used by the menu sending script. So to give you an Idea of what I want it to do. I touch an object A menu pops up with a list of places I have named on a note card in the objects inventory. I get the option to either rez or derez an object from a or several rezing pads placed anywhere in seconlife. Full perm if possible. Please feel free to contact me to discuss it with me if you can help. Thanks, Renegade Travesty
  8. Hi I Have created a sort of a vortex gate (see pic) & need a scripter who is willing to script it so that any one or a group member can teleport using an RLV client & or use the map destination option for those who dont have an RLV client. The idea is to touch a pad on the gate. Choose a location, if possible another gate placed out at another sl location. The gate would start its cycle. The event horizon appears & the person would then walk into the event horizon & instanly teleport to the choosen locale on an RLV client or the map or even a link in chat would open for non RLV client user to click on. I dont mind if the destinations are read by a note card or maybe some how the gates could talk to each other via email or something. At the moment the gate does work with a land mark teleporter. This opens the world map. The rings are also scripted to rotate & the vortex appears. It disappears on gate shut down. I know some may say its the same idea as the star gates but would love to see it working in this or some way using the event horizon. Please if interested contact me in world to discuss this further. Thank you, Renegade.
  9. Ahh I have it now I replaced the first part as you described which worked great but the box was rotated facing away from so I tried changing the 180 to 90 in the rest of my line & it works fine. I still couldnt get your second line to save in the script just kept getting a syntax error. But many thanks for you kind help. A very happy resident :matte-motes-big-grin:
  10. Hi, I'm sorry but I am getteing a syntax error with your answer I must be adding it in wrongly misunderstanding where to place these 2 parts sorry.
  11. Hi, I am trying to get an object to rez in front of my avatar from a hud no matter which way I face.The formula below worked in a previous hud the only difference in the new hud now is the script is in a child prim and that prim is a mesh object. My object now rez's to the side of me every time. The doors of the object are rotated the right way but the whole object is to my left side. The distance and hieght are correct too. Could anyone please help in putting this right, Thank you. llRezObject("11th Police box", llGetPos() + <3.5, 0.0, 0.83>*llGetRot(), <0.0, 0.0, 0.0>,llGetRot() * llEuler2Rot( <0.0, 0.0, 180> * DEG_TO_RAD ), 0);
  12. Yes your right Rolig about the llsleep(); read your link & found it very informative. I only used it for test purposes hehe
  13. With the help of the replies I have written this crude but working script. Thank you Both. Please any one feel free to add comments on the listed script. Feed back is always helpful. float sec = 2.0; // Change this to increase / decrease listner time float i = 0.0; default { state_entry() { // Turn timer listener on. llSetTimerEvent(sec); } timer() { i = i + sec; key owner = llGetOwner(); vector agent = llGetAgentSize(owner); if(agent) // Find the owner in region. { // infill } else { // if owner has left, do stuff here llSleep(15); llDie(); } } }
  14. Thanks for the link. This will set me on my way
  15. Hi Does anyone know how I could check for the owner of an object in a script to see if that owner has left the sim/region so the object can self delete itself ? Or how I go about it. Regards, Renegade
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