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  1. I want to be able to drop a bunch of textures into a prim and have them display on a prim (like a digital photo album cycling thru pictures). I don't want to have to change the script every time with the name of the textures, etc. Is there a script that will just cycle thru the textures in the contents of a prim?
  2. Small fashion store looking for a business manager. Primary responsibilities are Casper and Marketplace. Find and manage inworld events. Coordinate inworld promotion with Social Media Managet. Contact Ani Charisma inworld.
  3. I need someone more knowledgeable than myself to handle promoting my store by managing social media inworld and out. Facebook, Flickr, inworld advertising groups, finding bloggers and events, etc. Wanting someone dependable that I can be comfortable with. Message me inworld please. - Ani Charisma
  4. IM me inworld so we can chat. Ani Charisma
  5. I need a custom gown built for a Belleza body. Please contact me if this is something you can create. Thank you
  6. Would love to chat about this in world , Facebook or Skype. Ani Charisma
  7. The Raging Storm Club & mall is a fast growing, popular rock club. With a staff dedicated to providing activities, events, hunts, concerts and more the traffic stays high (10K +) & VIP list is growing. Every vendor is featured at least once during the month during an event. SIM wide hunts encourage guests to explore & see all the shops. Sponsers of events have the entire event dedicated to their shop Ad Board - 200l/wk Small Shop - 225l/50 prims/wk Large shop - 400L/100 prims/wk Please contact Ani Charisma in world for more information to to discuss sponser opportunities!
  8. Don't miss this incendiary holiday spectacle Trans-Siberian Orchestra At 4pm at The Raging Storm This is one holiday concert you do not want to miss! If you do not know what TSO is you have got to come hear this orchestra! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Palm/77/135/23
  9. Just got off a chat with LL. Was advised the rolling restarts that strated a little after 2pm PST are taking a while & are responsiable for ALL log in issues. NOthing that can be dfone & no eta on resolution
  10. Need a store manager to free up my time for designing. Basic duties include: Hunts - Finding & applying for new hunts,Acting as contact person/co-ordinator for all hunts Displaying hunt posters, hints, paths, etc hiding the object, providing hints, photos, etc as required. Picking up after hunts when finished. Land Management - Co-ordinating with owner regarding seasonal decorations,Acting as point person (with owner) for tenant issues. handling rent collections/issues. Advise Owner of any issues before they become a problem Store - Manage Daily sales, mm boards, group gifts, etc Organize
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