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  1. YAY Kim! I've got this idea for a video game that would be much better than SL if you'd like to give me a call at...... JK. I hope you find a new way of looking at creativity. Many people in SL are gamers of many kinds, so it should be great insight to see what gamers do when they have the ability to create themselves. SL is a bit more than a collection of thought out standardized pixels, like your average video game. SL is more like a moving art piece that continues to morph. Welcome to the community, if you need any living quarters let me know, I'll sweep out a trailer for ya.
  2. Sorcha.Tyles wrote: Hello, I have troubles with the online status of a friend inworld. Sometimes he just shows offline when he is actually online, we had this problem ongoing for 2 days now. Also when I look at the Secondlife.com at my friends, he is not mentioned there. This is getting seriously obnoxious.......does anyone else have these problems and now what to do about it? Thanks!!! Sorcha Actually I know what the issue is. I saw this the other day too and was told by another person how it worked. First off the person your referring too has clicked their online
  3. Hopefully that would eliminate some of the stalking and continual emails from people someone might not want them from.
  4. That would be great and thank you for the link. I will definitely be following that. Its a shame when people just can't get a long and respect differences. Rather to stalk or try and make people uncomfortable from closed curtains. Scary actually. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it
  5. What do you do if someone decideds to take a disagreement out of a thread and contact you via IM on the blogs and you want them to stop? Lets say you are having a discussion on a topic.  All your doing is commenting and someone then messages you making threatening statements.  I normally don't like filing an AR on someone. I guess what I'm really asking, is there a way to block or mute a user from messaging you on the website?  Not in game, but on the blogs.  I've asked repeatedly for someone to stop messaging me and I keep getting responses. I'm pretty sure its a viol
  6. Some people put items away in their inventory and don't use them. Sometimes a product is borked and you may not even know it. Some products may seem to work correctly at times but due to some script issues bug on ocassion. A product doesn't necessarily need to have a lifetime warranty but a merchant should support general issues and bugs on their product. Its only good customer service to try and help your customers out if they have a problem. I like helping my customers. After all they bought something I created and I like making things. I also like making sure the things I make can be
  7. I like it. It helps me seperate my thoughts and move on to my next point. And it makes it easier on the eyes.
  8. Yes I would. Its a completely valid way to prove you've purchased an item. And since I have no prim out there that is full permission no one could attempt to copy anything using my prim. I think some could take advantage of that. Thats why people should never give out freebies that have their full perm prim on them.
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