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  1. All I need in an RP sim are players who are creative, flexible, fun to play with and active. A sim can be beautiful, true to its fandom or even well-structured in terms of rules and game mechanics but if it lacks decent players, I'll get bored quick. Others will also get bored, leave and have the sim end up empty. But if I were searching for an RP, I'd look for: Well-landscaped sim that is also easy to navigate Clear and detailed rules for both IC and OOC. Transparency is great. I would prefer no combat meters but that isn't a deal breaker for me Caste/roles/structure that isn't overly stric
  2. Try Hypercam. You designate what part of your screen you wish to record and then record away. Hypercam is also free. You can find it here: http://www.hyperionics.com/
  3. Role play is pretty easy... I'm sure in IM sessions with yer buddies, you've indicated action toward them with the use of asterisks or whatever. Something like... *smites buddy upside the head* Role play in SL is just like that except most people emote by starting off with "/me" in Local Chat. For example, "/me smites person upside the head." In role play, you work with others to collaborate a story... Stories can range from deep to mundane every day life. After figuring out what you want to role play, pop into a random sim and slap on an OOC tag and just watch. A few suggestions: Don't
  4. Hi. I saved some animations from QAvimator. However, I cannot find these files when I try to upload them or even looking for them through Windows. However, these files do exist when browsing for them using QAvimator. I've searched through the same file path and nothing. I even created a folder and moved them there using QAvimator hoping to find them but still no luck. Here are the files I'm trying to upload. As you can see, they exist when I open them using QAvimator. http://i622.photobucket.com/albums/tt304/the_jagermeister/QAvimator1.png Now when I try to upload them with Catznip... Nothin
  5. How do you share snapshots on your profile feed? I see others are able to on the Trending tab.
  6. Thanks, Irene for your help and taking the time to provide your link to the blog post. It must be a bug letting me rezz past 4096. I thought it changed.
  7. Greetings. What is the max rezz height? I thought it was about 4000m up but I find I am able to rezz past 4000. I checked the wiki but it isn't updated.
  8. VonGklugelstein.Alter wrote: do you feel violated now because I spammed your post with my ad? No. Anyway, thanks for the insight everybody. The replies are reassuring. I really didn't want to risk irritating a merchant with this minor inconvenience. It is good to know people are generally flexible if the replies are a good representation of most merchants.
  9. A lot of sellers require Transaction history for support on their stuff.
  10. I bought something a million years ago. It did not occur to me to save the XML file for the transaction history at the time. The item was not purchased on XStreet. Would most merchants be willing to let me rezz the (No transfer) item next to them as proof of purchase? Is there another acceptable way to prove I bought from them? Or is I doomed?
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