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  1. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tenney/205/179/106 and surrounding parcels are up for sale, CHEAP! We're selling our holdings in Tenney, the sim just to the south of Pando! For L$0.5 per sqm, you can OWN a great parcel next to one of the nicest, best-travelled and innovative regions on the grid! Parcels range from ~5000 to ~8000 sqm, supporting around 1000-1800 prims. They're all nice and flat, suitable for just about anything. And did I mention they're next door to Pando? :) One of the funnest regions in SL, with an average of 170 visitors a day spending nearly an hour a visit. Come check it out
  2. Yeah, this is just about the silliest thing I've seen promoted as an important new feature to come out of Linden Labs in four years. I'm very unhappy that they're spending time/money on this stuff, instead of *really* fixing lag hits when an avatar arrives, or, dare I say it, making Search work in some way that makes sense. Any way that makes sense, really. Anyway, one more example of them being completely out of touch. So it goes...
  3. As observed elsewhere, you must have java *and* flash installed, latest versions. Frankly, I don't let java anywhere near my browsers, and I'm awfully stingy with flash, so I guess I'll pass on this tech.
  4. Could not have said it better myself, bucky - and the behavior is consistent with past performance, so I am not surprised in the least.
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