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  1. Thank you Chin Rey, I do use Omega but it appeared to me it did not work with Maitreya- true? Skye
  2. Thank you both for answering. Rolig- I Do have this texture... I wanted to use it as an example. What I am missing are hundreds of other textures from previous work.(Way more than just one dress Chaser.) I have a small shop chock full of dresses for classic avatars. I am trying to make appliers so I don't get left behind in the mesh dust (yes, I am that far behind the learning curve). Therefore, although I have the dresses, I can't make the appliers, correct?. A couple of appliers allow the UUID of the item to be used but others want the original texture. I also want to retrieve some of the original clothing textures so I can rework the colors etc in PSP and bring them back inworld. I hope this is clearer? Thank you again for responding! Skye Qi
  3. I have lost many textures over the years, some stupidly and some by SL glitches. I do have clothing pieces I created from before the textures themselves were lost. Is there any way I can use the clothing article (UUID) to recover the original texture? For example, if I no longer had the texture below, but I DID have the jacket I made from it in inventory, can I somehow resurrect the texture below? Thank you, Skye Qi
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