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  1. Hello Nya, Thank you for returning to my post. Which critiria is used to establish relevance on search results?
  2. BN, Once you have made your own avatar from scratch, then nobody can tell you to not use it. Actually, there might have many similarities between both avatars, but certanly they are no the same, unless a copybot has been involved. My advice is to ignore this person.
  3. I saw the ads with the last SL official viewer 2.7
  4. If you thought SL Search wasn´t messed up enough, now Classifieds do not appear in the order of who pay more, meaning the most expensive ad won´t show up at the top page. So what is the criteria LL uses for Classifieds ranking in SL Search?
  5. I have researched through SL before I begin making shapes, in 2007, but I haven´t found anything. So I use the golden ratio.
  6. Have you clear inventory cache? If not I suggest you to do so. If it doesn´t solve the problem you can submmit a ticket to Linden Lab to replace the item.
  7. Lilly Figgis

    Make baby

    Hello Mihai! I am sure you know how to make them in RL! As for SL, the process is similar. Assuming you have a partner, then you can role play you'got pregnant. So, the first thing you will need is a set of pregnant shapes. Then at the time of the delivering you will have 2 options: 1- Having a prim baby; 2- Making an adoption. If you opt for having a prim baby (1), then you have to search for maternity. There are many is SL. They will schedule a delivery date for you, and in most cases they will provide you a prim baby . If you consider an adoption (2), then you need to search for an
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