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  1. " I have an account there but I haven't logged on for about a year (maybe longer)." If you haven't logged in in a year maybe longer, maybe you should before talking about what InWorldz is like now. I find them very responsive to customer service, and I like that they still use Viewer 1 technology, which I felt wasn't broke in the first place. Most of the people I've met there are friendly. More and more stores have been opening there over the past year, and prices are low since sim costs are low and prim counts are high, resulting in low overhead. Also, $75/month (plus only $75 start-up fee)
  2. Since we all come here for different reasons ("Your world, your imagination," as they used to say), some for social networking, I wouldn't say get rid of the option to provide RL info, but I agree strongly with previous posters that any RL info should not be mixed in with SL info. And it should be up to the user's discretion what, if any, RL info is provided, including, for people like Charisma, none at all. PS: I think AU was conceived as a social networking site for avatars to connect, the virtual world's answer to RL social networking. It should be available for those who want it, and t
  3. So, um, at the risk of getting "censored" here ... assuming LL continues down this path (despite their recent promise not to) of waiting till things are already a done deal before getting "input," what alternative grids are out there that are closing in on SL? (I've already visited Open Sim and found it pretty, um, empty, at least for my goals of exploring and shopping and joining groups, etc. I couldn't even find an RP group that had supposedly moved from the SL grid to there. And I'm not into gaming or warcraft, so WoW wouldn't be for me either. Any recommendations? I stumbled on SL by accid
  4. Sookie, thanks for defusing the situation. I'm sorry things got so heated, and I still feel I've been a bit misunderstood and so do some of you probably, but I'm happy just to drop the subject. Getting back to a more productive/relevant note, though ... What about these new profiles SL is working on? Is this a place to give feedback on what we would like to see in them, or is there another forum topic for that? Or do the Lindens have it already mapped out like they did with Viewer 2 and not want our input? In the event this is the place, what would you like the new profiles to be like? As f
  5. Would you Mason Kingston worshippers please stop listening to his completely baseless accusations against me and read what I actually said and what he actually said back to me in response? I did NOT call anyone here a loser. I said (prior to trying the site because I was apprehensive) that in my own personal friend's experience, the only people she met on AvMatch turned out to be losers. Are you one of them? I don't think so ... unless you have a male alt who dates women? As a result, after several bad encounters, she inactivated and probably deleted her AvMatch profile. Second, I did not "ba
  6. Thank you, Ann. At least I'm not the only one who finds this hostile territory. Funny how I started out feeling livid with LL and ended up looking forward to whatever it is they're about to unleash on us next! Whatever their faults may be, at least they don't resort to ad hominem attacks on their customers, and I feel I can trust them (to the extent you can trust anyone on the Internet). I did, in fact, try to report that last flame against me and kept getting an error report, so nothing will come of it unless a Linden actually comes back to this forum and sees what is going on here. And if I
  7. BTW, isn't this kind of flaming (calling people "ridiculous" and "retarded," telling them that no one cares about their opinion) prohibited by some kind of LL policy? I never personally attacked anyone; I was merely giving honest, impartial feedback about a PRODUCT, and now I'm the subject of ad hominem attacks! Well, congratulations, Mason and Ashlynn, you've won. I will never ever visit or post to a Linden forum again. Now go grief someone else.
  8. So if you have a life too, why are YOU wasting your time telling me what a "ridiculous" "retard" I am? You're obviously a friend of Mason's. This is the first time I ever posted on LL's forums, and it will certainly be the last since I have a life to get back to. You're all taking this as an attack on Mason when it was he who first attacked me, telling me I was bashing him. I tried giving him a fair chance if you'll read back, but I guess you don't have time because of your Very Important Real Life (which is why you're so busy using Mason's site and SL). As you put it, Ashlynn, "No one honestl
  9. Since Mr. Kingsford has seen fit to quote to you my profile in almost its entirety, I have deleted it (don't worry, I have a screen capture of that page and this one to remind me of all the immature statements he made about my personal opinions and feedback). BTW, I don't see any Lindens whining and crying about how many of us seem to be "bashing" and "insulting" them. They may have made some poor business decisions, but at the moment in this forum, they are acting like professionals.
  10. I think you need to look up the definitions of the words "bashing," "insult," and "advertisement"! How is my saying I like SL Profiles any more of an advertisement than all the people who said it before I did? Did you even read the previous posts in this topic? Even LL so far has allowed us to speak openly of it; it is YOU who is censoring any mention of it from your site. I don't know what other terms people may have for your behavior, but in my OPINION, since you are the founder of the site and should be promoting it, not arguing with and accusing your potential customers (yes, I DID give it
  11. Mr. Kingsford shows us his utter lack of professionalism here by stating that the profile I created at his site was an "ad for slprofiles." Since AU will now be gone, I was looking for an alternative, and several people here (especially his partner Taliesin) advertised how much better their site is and how well developed it is. Yes, go look at my profile right now (before I delete it) and see how many advantages it has over AU. If you find any, let me know, cuz I don't see them, and I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out how to input what little information is permitted on the site (much
  12. OK, I signed up for 2ndHub, and I don't mean to bash anyone's hard work, but I don't see how it is in the slightest way an improvement over inworld, AU, or even SL Profiles. (???????) The background is not customizable in any way whatsoever, I can't figure out how to search for groups (not that anyone I know is even using 2ndHub, and I don't see any reason to invite them at the moment), I'm supposed to tell you "all about me" in "500 characters max," and only ONE favorite SL location is allowed??? I uploaded a picture, but it didn't go into my profile; I have no idea where it went, but I got a
  13. Thanks to all who shared their experience with 2ndHub, and I will take your advice and try it since you certainly don't sound like losers; sounds like it's just what I'm looking for. If it's all you say it is, I will also set my friend straight. (Just hope LL doesn't decide to buy and kill that now!) Edit: Mason, I didn't mean to "bash" your work. I only meant to share my experience with SLProfiles, which was a bit negative in the beginning because any Web surfer could access your profile and try to pick you up. So I was perhaps a bit too hasty in believing my friend (who really did have a ba
  14. Bryant, your comment made me laugh out loud. "Avatars Reunited"? I love it and agree with everything you said up till the last sentence. Although maybe, considering the result, the best answer would have been for LL not to have aquired AU in the first place. If only there were a world where we could go back in time and make that happen. A virtual one perhaps? Eightdwarf, it's precisely because SL can't be pigeonholed as a "game" versus a "virtual world" versus a "social networking" site versus a user-created "your world, your imagination" whatever you want it to be that I thought AU was a go
  15. I thought AU was a good idea; I'd have used it more if it had been better developed. Although it wouldn't have been necessary in the first place if our inworld profiles weren't so severely limited and IMs constantly capped or simply lost in the virtual ether instead of going to e-mail. I am 100 percent AGAINST linking SL to Facebook. I cherish my anonymity here, as do most other users (ever notice the percentage of people who actually ever filled out their first-life profile in the first place?), and HATE Facebook exactly because you can't be anonymous like you could in MySpace. Our SL profile
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