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  1. I am looking for a scripter to help on a breedables project, message me or send me a NoteCard inworld if you are interested. Dixy Dreamscape
  2. yes I cant log in either and I have 3 other friends that are having the same problem.
  3. Can anyone tell me who made this outfit and where I can purchase it? I was told it was a Utopia but it is not Utopia, I have looked and even asked saby Clary and the answer was no it is not a Utopia outfit. Thank You
  4. 4 gorgeous houses each one nestled into its very own pretty sky box SkyBox1 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gouda/147/152/3801 Skybox 2 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gouda/102/143/3401 SkyBox 3 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gouda/108/101/3001 Skybox 4 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gouda/157/116/701
  5. Winter SkyBox with Ice Skaters & castle. 1000prims. 3000L a week Castle has Thrones a firplace upstairs and down stairs plus a secret hidden dungeon, with cages. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gouda/105/202/701
  6. Hi guys my Second Life sissy and I are looking for a grand fathered sim. You can meesage me in game or here. Dixy Dreamscape or RooDee Dreamscape Thank You Dixy
  7. Hi guys I am looking for crafting friends with Krafties level of 20+ overall with a 20+ crafting skills We will be crafting super souls hopefully :-) each Friend will get a free sales booth for their krafty items and free vendors to hold their items. Each person will be able to set up their and their home temple. Each player can get 50 free prims for their krafty items.
  8. I am sorry that you have had an unpleasent return to SL. My two cents worth are for one thing fix your profile. Your profile ssays everything about you and no offense but right now yours is saying im an alt. You don't have a profile pic. There is nothing about you in your profile but web addresses, not one link in your Picks, the only thing that doesnt say alt is the fact that you have a payment info on file. If you want to have friends you need to put something in your profile. Your profile is the first thing someone will check out. If you had a profile like this and spoke to me I would
  9. I can read fine sweety and yes my topic was not on topic either, but im not sure there is many people here that have spoken of the topic. First I guess it is every womans and maybe even every mans dream to have someone care enough about them to take care of them, how ever that may be, and no matter how strong they claim to be. Sad part is that doesnt happen very often. But go ahead and sling words at each other and attack me if you like :-) Im sure I misspelled something here for someone to make fun of. Im not sure why anyone would want to post anything here in this forumn most everything that
  10. Wow did this post ever get off topic! I was just skimming around reading. I do know that if I ever decide I want a sugar daddy I better make sure I dont make any typos lol. and make sure I dont wear a mesh blouse. of course i am not certain I like Mesh. But the sugar daddy shirt was a wonderful idea. Ok I am off to read something else everyone have fun slinging words at each other.
  11. I would be interested, I have expierence in hosting and managing a club in SL and I know my way around SL pretty well.
  12. I have been a cloud for around a week now. I reinstalled Phoenix viewer cleared my cache, and even did a manual clearing of cache nothing has worked, On the 20th I did the manual clear cache and then did a rebake over and over and I finally got my avatar to apear some but she looked like a brown alian or a stuffed animal or soemthing. Now when I logged back in today I am a cloud again. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  13. Thank you for the reply ,, I as of today have not found a script that would link like you all said there is not a script, the map is used and you cant control the url with the maps. You can TP to anywhere you want with the map and I wanted to be able to control the TPs ,, it would be a string of urls of sims that had the teleport system on it................. But there seems to be a plugin from hippo that is available for SL the only thing is, I was not planning on using this system in SL.. There is already too many traffic generators in SL... I was going to use it at InWorldz. It Would be
  14. Here is what I am looking to do. I have built a kind of a time travel box.. I have a board inside it, with the map script, when touched it brings up a map. What I want is to either give the boxes away or sell them to sim owners and I need a transferable script that will link the boxes together so you can travel to all the sims that the boxes are located. Kind of like the Cone travel in SL. But I repeat it needs to be transferable and copy it doesnt have to be modifiable but it does need to be transferable, and copiable. If you can help Im me Dixy Dreamscape in SL
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