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  1. Back then when they started with Mesh i didn't understand how to work it at all but now i'm getting the hang of it, sometimes i do wish to have prims back i get upset everytime i can't edit a certain outfit that i'm wearing lol. I had to go way back and find a old portfolio that i did to get this picture on the right HAPPY TEN YEARS SECONDLIFE... #DecadeChallenge #SecondlifeChallenge
  2. No have never been back to my first home which was one of those Linden homes that you got when you signed up I can't even remember where it was I do remember it being nice then i featured out and found me some land on water.
  3. Am so glad am not the only one who can't figure out how in the world you get to it, maybe the day will come when i can actually find the places and enjoy a little hunt, until then i keep exploring regualry
  4. Hello where do i start , when i click to go to Dive in, explore it opens a blank page
  5. Hello Shag Welcome to Secondlife enjoy it and explore atlot while your here never know what you might find:)
  6. Mr Mills with all the new models trying to come up, how do we have a chance in the fashion world , what will make us stand out more to get that spot light of being on stage and walking the runway, maybe being in fashion week?What are some of your tips?
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