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  1. How do I go about abandoning my current Linden Home for one of the new Updated ones? Do I have to stop my premium membership in order to achieve this?
  2. Thanks, Chic for your reply! As I said before my secondary account was logged in/out of SL for the same amount of time. Which is somewhat puzzling and now without a "reset my store" button or guide is even more of a headache. I will definitely look into filing a ticket for more support regarding this issue.
  3. Hey guys! Hoping I can pick the hive mind a bit. I am recently back from a loong SL break. I have noticed that since being back, my Marketplace has been disabled.. rendering me unable to create/sell or resell items on marketplace. My other avi's marketplace is fine and still up and working and has been "offline" just as long as this one. I have tried every troubleshooting method I can think of, short of filing a ticket with LL. 1) STORE SET UP > EDIT STORE INFO > STORE DISABLED 2) STORE SET UP > VIEW MY STORE > WE'RE SORRY, BUT THIS STORE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE
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