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  1. i do have an older account, but bri managed to get pretty much all of our avs banned except my main. 2006 2017 mesh head and body, but somehow i still look the same.
  2. is that the gurl6 shop? it sure look like it!
  3. i see many are linking to sites that offers 'products or services'. i have been banned multiple times for crimes as minor as having a link to my site in my sig, let alone posting a link to a useful page in a thread. is this a case of some being more equal than others?
  4. pinterest too? so where is genn to lay down the law?
  5. speaking of abuses, why is cerise permitted to blatantly flaunt a link to a non-linden website that offers goods or services without reprimand? i thought it had already been established that this was punishable by banning.
  6. perhaps this is not the place to discuss this, but it seemed a better option than derailing a current blog post. in the past 24 hours there have been a dozen commercial blogs posted in 'featured news'. blogs that consist of little more than fluff with links to third-party blogs running banner-exchanges the like. please stop spamming 'featured news'. many of the forbidden third-party sites import the featured news rss to keep people informed of things that may actually matter, such as marketplace problems, restarts, maintenance, etc. these 'fashion expert' bloggings are nothing more than third-party spam. considering i have been banned more than once for linking to a third-party forum (even banned once for having a link in my sig!) with some nebulous 'products and services' policy being the supposed reason, this is a bit much.
  7. Darrius Gothly wrote: Nina Stepford wrote: i was under the impression that it was forbidden to question the moderators. i was banned for that too. The "deciding line" is based on how you question and what you question. For example, if you have a post pulled and you "question the moderator" by asking "why was my post pulled?" then that is a legitimate question (that should be asked in private) and most likely you'll receive an answer. But then after receiving the answer, you then turn around and "question the moderator" by asking "are you a freaking idiot? Were your parents siblings? Have you trimmed your knuckle hair lately?" (or similar questions) then I think you can expect your questions will not receive answers. As a less humorous example, if you "question the moderator" by openly challenging their decision ... the distinction being that you dispute their decision and refuse to let it go .. you can also expect you will not be answered. If you legitimately feel that the moderator made a mistake and you wish to dispute it, then do so in a rational and logical manner that proves your point, not one that proves your lung power (or ability to use all caps and boldface). The moderators are the local authority figures. Like any power structure there are methods available to appeal a decision and have it reviewed. Speaking from personal experience, it's even possible to win the review too. Now that I've supplied a rational and logical response to your question, I have one for you. Was this thread just a poke at the hornet's nest? LOL do i strike you as that kind of person then? an illogical blathering troll? i would suggest that one can read back on some of my earlier threads (that werent deleted) for the answer: here is a post i was busted for. i think the first ban in fact. here is one of my threads that wasnt deleted, for whatever reason. i dont have a high post count here. if the character you describe is anything like me the post should be easy to find.
  8. Linden Lab wrote: "I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people that know nothing about Second Life, but have somehow found my blog through various social networks, asking me for more information. Therefore I figured I would write up a quick tutorial for those interested in joining and looking for some free resources to kick start their inventory..." Keep reading at StrawberrySingh.com  we are not even allowed to link to gV from the new blogrum, yet ythe lab does this? actually pimp a link to some third-party non-linden website that offers the same 'products and services' as gv? how incredibly lop-sided is that? is this the FIC thing i have heard about then? while i am forbidden from linking to gotVirtual.net because it provides 'products and services' (the ability to post comments), there is no problem whatsoever with FEATURED NEWS posts consisting of a link to a third party blog loaded with no less than a 19 advertisements and a private ad service. i suppose i am wrong to be annoyd about that...
  9. Venus Petrov wrote: I think the links that are frowned upon are links to other SL-related fora, not personal blogs. If you have a question about banning, you might take it up directly with a mod. Glenn or Mike, perhaps. Their surnames are 'Moderator'. ETA: Is this another 'not-so-stealthy' promotional advert? i was under the impression that it was forbidden to question the moderators. i was banned for that too.
  10. for seeking clarification to the 'solicitation/advertising' policy? 3? 4? is this number 5 coming up then? how many bans before i get my permaban for asking about the policy? is this thread going to vanish like my others? is it forbidden to post links to third party sites then? if so, why are so many posted about?
  11. Pep wrote: D'ya think Amanda's gonna ban him for promoting a competitive website? Pep (is waiting for the clarification in the Guidelines/Standards that AManda promised at the CTUG Meeting yesterday.) and i wonder when the moderators are going to work their magic on this thread. afterall, it is a link to a third-party website that, in some twisted linden way, provides products and services.
  12. Ishtara wrote: Knowl Paine wrote: The pace did just quicken after I posted. Who get's the money? A website? Or is this a denial of service type attack? A anti Lithium company? The people behind the L$ exchange website that is being advertised. The site is not covered by LL's Exchange Risk API, which means that buying L$ from them is probably a very bad idea. One that can result in locked accounts if the purchased L$ were originally bought with a stolen credit card, which is often the case with these shady sites that sell virtual currency for extremely low prices. The same goes for L$ sellers on eBay. Edited to add: By advertising in the official SL forums, they make it look as if their site was legitimate and tolerated by LL. Some newbies might fall for this scam. That's probably why they posted their ad spam on a daily basis for a while back in the old Jive forums. it looks to me like the use the same software as the sl marketplace too.
  13. the cartel has certainly grown up. it makes me kinda proud :smileyhappy:
  14. if i were in charge of the lab, id be reading this blog thinking, 'do i really want to shift this sort of customer interaction to facebook?' if egypt can fall to facebook organisation, imagine the crusade disenfranchised customers could wage against linden lab! your customers are clearly not happy. why you want to encourage them to start talking about their experiences on facebook is a question worth rethinking.
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