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  1. I can't get in either, would be nice if LL would keep us up to date with a more detailed message than, it's down and wait, don't you think? Perhaps a time frame? minutes? hours? days? that kind of thing.. sheesh!
  2. I did nothing different and I've tried EVERYING already suggested on the posts I've read. rebooted, reduced my lag. Settled down my graphics.. etc etc. My sounds still sounds skippy and scratchy. EVERY where I go in SL, so, no, it's not just my stream.. HELPPP!!!!! Since I can't figure out how to reply on this page.. here's what happened: The latest round of Microsoft Automatic Updates imposed upon me by M$, seemed to have updated sound card driver hardward. Thus causing me some media hardward conflicts.. ah HA! I had to perform a system restore in order to solve the problem. Naturally I h
  3. I'm sorry, I still can't wrap my head around this. LL's already has my credit card information on file, I've been using this same card for years now. LL's automatically takes my land tier from it monthly. So, why now, I have to go to Lindex ( I think ?) and enter something I'm quite uncomfortable about (security # on back of card) when this credit card # is already registered with LL's. Does anyone know if this whole situation is going to be corrected soon, and I'll be able to purchase Linden inworld once again like the good ole days?
  4. I'm highly uncomfortable about being dragged into a 3rd party payment site that I've NEVER heard of before and asked for the 3 digit security # on the back of my credit card. That is UN heard of and completely UN necessary. My land teirs come from this very same credit card monthly! Why now this sudden punishment from Linden Labs for what? I'm "international". I'm in Canada! I've been inworld over 2 years. This is maddness and I sincerely trust that Linden Labs will reconsider this insult to more than 3/4s of it's population. Holy cow!
  5. All my credit card info IS already with LL's and I'm in freeking CANADA and still I got put through this same wringer as everyone else.. wtf is LL's pulling?? Are they TRYING to lose clients cause their comps can't keep up with the client base? Me thinks that's what it's really all about.. Take this BS and shove it.. LL!
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