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  1. I am trying to buy lindens and I cannot from my avatar (have never been able to) - when I try to buy lindens on the website it tells me that my password is wrong, but it is not wrong. It is the same password I use to log on to second life. Please help, I have credit and I am worried.
  2. I dont know where this thread should go, but there seems to be an emerging problem with residents on various viewers being unable to "quick buy" lindens with the dollar button - get the message "this viewer is not supported for buying lindens" and then have to buy lindens using the website. If anyone has any wisdom about what is going on can you please post it here - I have heard that there is a new policy for international residents having to buy their lindens inworld or using the website but this is unconfirmed, others think it is a LL bug.....either way the website is n
  3. the marketplace has a recent censorship program which is loaded up with unknown words and letters - if these words or letters appear in your item description or keywords then it will automatically be changed to adult. you have to go through your listing and change the wording until it accepts your "general" listing - suspect words can be things like sexy, slave, child, etc, or even more benign so it is a guessing game, but once you hit the word and change it you will be able to change the censorship level of your lisitng - not the cleverest idea ever eh?
  4. SLINK barefeet are at 80% off female and 50% off male until tomorrow only, great feet
  5. I achieved waist long hair on day 14, since then I've been kind of purposeless
  6. they look a lot like 2C inspire eyes
  7. I have been very happy with my, err....."blue" skin and shape and tail and ears that were free from unique megastore. gl
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