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  1. Two parcels for rent on the quiet private and lovely sandy beaches of Tarcadia. A full class 5 sim with low script times and premium maintenance. The first parcel is a quarter sim; full 5000 prims at your disposal to build your commercial or residential dream. The price of the parcel includes the first month's tier. rental is 5000 weekly you can see it at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tarcadia/108/145/22 Second parcel right next to it is a sizeable 6k plot with 1875 prims for a more than reasonable price of 2,250 per week. Come check it out at http://maps.secondlife.
  2. We got one quarter sim spot left on Utopia, a quiet and no drama community. if you pay a month in advance you will get 1 week free. 5000 prims , 16,394 Sq. M, of beautiful greenland and mountainous sim surround.... US for commercial, or Residential... breedables allowed. Parcel can be seen here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Utopia/180/72/28 Contact Tanath Seelowe for details
  3. Looking for that perfect spot for a store, or perhaps a place to have a house. We got it for you. we have 1 quarter sim available, 3,750 prims for just 4500 a week... if you pay a month in advance you will get the first week free. we also have two 1/8th parcels available, 2500 a week, 1,875 prims. Also first week free if you pay for a month in advance. Hope you will come check these gorgeous parcels out at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Utopia/93/170/28 please contact Tanath Seelowe for further details.
  4. 2 Parcels remaining on the great sim of Utopia. quarter sim on a full region, 3,750 alloted prims for commercial or Residential use. Great Neighbors, most are builders, the land decorated in a dark green with a forresty sim surround. come and take a look, only 4500L per week, a opportunity to build a Store or home! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Utopia/74/178/28
  5. 16,384 sqm , 3,750 prim, on full Sim for Commercial or Residential only 4500l a week! just wow a whopping wow only 4500L a week for a full quarter Sim. A total steal for someone looking to build a large family home or a store or just about anything they can dream. These parcels are for residential and commercial use, and about as cheap as you can find on the grid. Get yours today , Contact Tanath Seelowe for Details or come look at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winter%20Faire/175/69/58
  6. on Mature rated mainland - 4000L 8192 , right close next to Tutty's skins and aos nice neighbors, quiet and non laggy http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Onchiar/64/224/99
  7. A shot in the dark, but did you make sure to analyze?
  8. There are some shortcut changes and navigation changes, also tools are condensed and optimized on a single shelf. his zerobrush plugin works much in the way like zbrush, and even has its auto uvmap feature for the lazy. its a little more then just a change in shortcuts though...hard to explain but many of the shortcuts it does have.. coinside with standard commands most modelling packages use. I wouldnt recommend it for someone who has been using blender for years and has thier own workflow.. but for someone just jumping in, its not so daunting. as far as sculptris.. it is great for con
  9. the answer to this is.. get what you are most comfortable with using. there is an addon that will make blender easier.. called blender sensei... but in the end it is a matter of what you are most comfortable with. for the longest time i used carrara studio pro, and to this day I still love it for doing mesh work. as far as the modo thing... there is an indie version of modo that only costs 200 dollars or so.. or you can just subscribe at 15 dollars a month... this is uncrippled and the only limitation is you cannot export more then 100K poly... but then if you are trying to 100k poly into S
  10. I have used the following tools that have done amazing for mesh creation in sl. Modo (( high in price, but there is an indie version that costs only 15 dollars a month)) Carrara 8.5 Nvil at digitalfossils.com (( actually works better then modo)) sensei format addon for Blender. Zbrush
  11. I do not deny those that mastered blender have made some amazing meshes, but most of us have been daunted by blender's interface and move on to look for more intuitive modeling programs. In many cases i have seen it push folks to pirating copies of modo, max or even maya, just to be able to access something that supplies ease of use for the less einstien minds of getting through a program. There is a gentleman who made a completly free addon, with over 79 tutorials on how to model using the addon...the addon itself completly simplifies blender, and makes it comprehensive like most programs...
  12. all required forms have been filled out, in the past woyuld recieve funds in 3-5 days, but now its the endless " Processing" status for days on end, each time i cash out it takes them longer and longer.
  13. Dear lindens, your cash out system says 3-5 business days to cash out to paypal, well so far it has been 15 business days now and counting. I am sure when friday comes around or whatever day of the week happens, you cut the checks on time for your employees. Us folks in your world, work just as hard for pennies on the dollar, and many here depend on those deposits into paypal to pay for diapers, milk, and groceries for thier kids. I know many young mothers that throw in 15 hour days to maybe pull out 80 bucks in a week, but that 80 bucks makes a world of differance whrn its there on time. when
  14. i couldnt reply to my first thread, as it would seem the reply button just takes me to a page that "does not exist" I just bought a region and so looking to get rid of this land on dorje.. i dropped the price to 18k obo its 44,192 square meters of green land, almost a full sim.. protected road. come by and have a look.. its great starter land for the price. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dorje/37/85/​76
  15. a bit shy of a full sim but not by much.. grab this land while ya can dirt cheap, it has linden roadside, quiet and green area. a large 44,192 m2... going for only 21k.. priced to go or flip.. buying a sim.. and dont need anymore. you can grab it here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dorje/37/85/76
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