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  1. How can I donate land to a group/another avi?
  2. I got 3 emails today saying 3 of my items have been flagged for keyword spam and the items are no longer showing in my inventory listings so I can not find and correct any problems. What do I need to do to find the item listing so I can correct it or who do I need to contact so I can get them corrected. Thanks
  3. I looked at the SL adult content wiki and didn't see an answer for my question. My shop is on a Moderate sim, if I create adult items (furniture) can I sell it in my shop ?
  4. I figured it out and got them back Thanks
  5. For some reason I'm missing about a page and a half of listings from my store. It around 15/16 items. How can I find out what happened and get them restored ?
  6. What graphics card are you using ? A friend of mine is having the same issue with hers and she is using W10, Nvidia 965 Graphic card in an Asus laptop. Her shop told her that the card and SL don't like each other and won't work for FS at this time until Nvidia comes out with an update or fix for the problem.
  7. In preferences-privacy there is a setting to not show my avi in search results. This setting does not work. I've set it in the SL viewer and also in the FS viewer. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is this setting usless as it does not protect your privacy at all.
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